Blood sugar and WP Thyroid

Hi everybody, need some information please. I have been on (1.25 grain) WP Thyroid for 9 months, started very gradually until I got to the stated dose. I am type 2 diabetic, diet controlled. Bloods sat at between 4 and 5. My last diabetic check was November when they were slightly higher than that. Now my bloods are sitting at 12. If I stop taking thyroid, how long does it take to get out your system? And when would I expect a reduction in blood levels.

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  • Tard, the thyroxine in NDT has a half life of 8 days so it will take around 4-6 weeks to clear your system of it.

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  • Thanks Clutter for that advice. Anybody else out there that could throw some light on when my blood sugars should come down. Just had an operation and as I've been self medicating it's important I get them down. Any info welcome. Thanks all

  • Stress, illness, injury can all lead to higher than normal blood sugar levels. Granted, they are not great right now but I'd concentrate on recovering from your operation first and foremost, then see when you are with your glucose levels.

    I would encourage you to head over to and talk to the excellent community there.

    If your levels are still high after you've completely recovered, it might be time to reevaluate your diet to see if you can eliminate any more carbohydrates. It's all about how low (carb-wise) you are prepared to go to control your diabetes whilst still retaining a diet and quality of life you like. For me, this equates to about 70g carbs / day and I absolutely will not give up milk and yogurt.

  • Physical stressors like surgery can raise your blood sugar too. Perhaps it will come down after you have recovered.

  • After 4 months on T4 i was not diabetic ,15 months on i am . So it seems all thyroid meds have the effect.

  • My guess is you are not eating enough of the right foods. T3 creates energy. Are your ketones high? Avoid polyunsaturated fats. Use some niacinimide to reduce ffa in the blood. Start using cronometer and logging your food. Make sure you are getting plenty of magnesium, potassium and sodium. STOP starches. Get adequate saturated fats through butter and coconut oil. Get at least 100 grams of protein, 2-3 times carbs (fructose and sucrose), and between 50-90 grams of sat fat.

  • Do you know what were your last T3 levels and the lab ranges?

  • No I don't have them. Bloods are coming down now after a week without WPT. Once they com down to normal I'm going back on WPT. If they go up again my doc will put me on metformin. Yes thyroid meds do put your blood sugar up, but i need it. Thanks everybody for their help.

  • Over-medication and/or elevated T3 levels Increase blood sugar and under-medication also does the same.

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