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Bio identical HRT (looking for old posting)

Some time ago, could be two months or six, can't remember, someone posted an article about bio identical HRT that big pharma approved as they discovered it is better than synthetic or something. The name was release or something.

Can't figure out how to Google it to get what I am looking for.

My mom wants to know if it is on the market yet. She is 68 but still has menopause symptoms and is not adviced to use synthetic. That relieves her symptoms tho.

Or maybe I remember it all wrong :(

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I don't know what product it is you refer to.

However I have methylation problems and have been prescribed transdermal oestrogen as this bypasses the liver so there is less chance of build up and detoxification issues.

I haven't started it yet as am still investigating and may well go down the bio- identical HRT route myself.


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My mom has booked an appointment with her gynaecologist and wants to know all possibilities she has so she can ask what options she has if she would start HRT again.

Although it could be something else as well. They found a goitre 15 years ago and no follow up since :O she has gastritis and has been on ppi's for 20 years so I told her to start B12. So some of her menopause symptoms can be something else.


Have a look through posts in the link below, Justiina.

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Oh found it! Thanks. I tried so many keywords and found nothing. And it was replenish not release :D


Evorel patches (oestrogen) and Utrogestan (progesterone) are bio identical and you can be prescribed them on the NHS


I used to take an oestrogen gel , it came in small sachets that was Bioidentical from my GP on NHS.

I saw a Dr from Harley Street a few years ago, she prescribed Bioidentical HRT cream, it included , Oestrogen, progesterone and testerone, it worked very well, but was costly.


Hi Justiina - I see you've found the link you were looking for.

To add to your Mum's knowledge, here's an extensive info roundup I've prepared for mates who are on the fence about what to do. And you'll see that I'm on bio-identical HRT on the NHS:

This article from Jeanette Winterson that rings a lot of bells for many menopausal women:

I take Estrogel, one of the transdermal bioidenticals mentioned for oestrogen, and marry it with Utrogestan, the bioidentical progesterone that can be taken vaginally or orally. Still trying to find the right balance but keep symptoms at bay - insomnia, vaginal atrophy, crushing fatigue etc - with the lowest dose possible of both. They are fully available on the NHS but few doctors know this - you have to ask for them.

This is one of many write-ups on new advice from NICE, the government's medical guidance and oversight body:

Another quoting the UK's "Mr Menopause", Nick Panay, who is advocating my regime of Estrogel and Utrogestan:

Dr Studd is another celebrated menopause chap in London:

Much to read that is interesting on his site.

Re vitamins and hormones to supplement:

Vitamin B12 range is ridiculously broad in every country. Advice is to shoot for a level of around 1,000 as optimal. Less than 500 is deemed deficient in Japan but allopathic doctors in Canada, US and UK regularly say you're "normal" when your level is as low as 200. (I was told all was well and no need to supplement with a level of 209. I had aching joints and tingling, numbing pain in my outer toes, which is a symptom of low B12).

Vitamin D should be at least 80.

Folate should be at least 14

Ferritin optimal at 80 or more is another excellent forum.

Finally, a huge read that delves into all the background as well as the latest science. Throws up plenty of contradictions, as per. But the comments from menopausal women are a treasure trove and will add to understanding:

Happy reading



Why not just go private and get a tailor-made prescription? You can already get licensed bioidenticals in the UK on NHS - several brands of oestrogen and one progesterone pill (forget the name, begins with U) but it's a one size fits all (which it doesn't).


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