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Headaches and neck problems

Hi everyone

I am 53 year old woman with an underactive thyroid which i have had for about 15yrs, suddenly out of the blue developed migraines this was 2yrs ago.

At first i thought it was my thyroid medication but after alot of experimenting with different brands its not the case. i have never suffered with migraines before i am seeing a neurologist and pestered him for an mri scan that was a year ago he refused said not needed, i had a ct scan which was clear, also had blood flow in neck checked that was fine, all blood results okay.

But i have severe neck pain that brings me to my knees i told the neuro i think its a neck problem thats causing my headaches he said no it isnt.

He then gave me botox for the migraines that did bugger all expect give me a lovely smooth forehead., finally a week ago he did an mri of my head and my neck again.

Yesterday i get a phone call from his secretary saying to come in on the 15th february to see him as he found something on my scan.

I am freaking out big time she said oh dont worry to much!!!!!!

He is happy with the mri of my head as in his opinion its normal but he wants to refer me to another consulant as its beyond his expertise.

All i could get out of the secretary is that its a problem with my neck, so now i have to wait till the 15th, i know its not that long but i am jumping to conclusions and driving myself and my better half up the wall.

I know you cant really give me any answers but i just wondered if any one else has been in a similiar position.

Many thanks

Dotti x

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Maybe something was changed in your levo (fillers/binders) to which you are sensitive. This is a list and you will see that there can be a connection between levo/headaches.

Maybe if you take 1 anti-histamine 1 hour before levo and if it makes you feel better you need to change to another levo.

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Hi I'm Mandy.

I have an underactive thyroid.

Also i have cord compression, 3 discs pertruding onto my spinal cord in my neck right by the brain stem and another 3 discs pertruding onto my cord between the shoulders.

The pain im in is indescribable... 24/7, i get server pains in the head,nothing helps not even the pain medication im on,....

I can understand your worry,im waiting to see which way they will operate ....

You can ask to be shown your mri when your seeing the doctor..

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Not bruxism ( teeth clenching) at night is it? It is more common with hypothyroidusm, according to Dr mark Starr and is remedied by using a mouth guard to spread the load at night.

Its amazing how much it hurts... It gave me neck and shoulder pains, as well as a tender feeling at my temples (, like your skin feels when you have a fever or flue.). I think it may have been the cause. of the many tooth abcesses i suffered too.

Just a thought, worth checking out.

Xx g


Thanks for your replies i have tried the antihistamine and have been checked for teeth clenching.

According to the neurologist its something in my neck, but what that something is i wont know till a week tomorrow, am very nervous about it all.

thanks again this site is wonderful and very helpful

Dotti x


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