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Yes it's that moaning Minnie again, apologies in advance.

I am due to go for blood tests next week as my parathyroid levels were high (previously posted) my urologist recommended seeing an endo my GP disagreed. Been taking large doses of Vit d for almost 3 months as GP feels that is the cause, anyway my first question is when shall I stop my Medes prior to this test. There have been conflicting ideas some say 24 hrs others say 48 hrs.

I have been on 50mg levothyroxine sine first diagnosed, probably 4 years now.

My next question is regarding blue horizon testing. My GP will not test t3 so I thought maybe I will get my bloods done privately but I don't want to waste money on something my GP can dismiss having had that when gone to him with paperwork regarding thyroid stuff previously. Do private bloods carry any weight ?

Talking of weight, and I have plenty of it. I have gone from being the envied skinny Minnie who never put on a pound to a fat ugly lard arse (sorry) if I mention how I feel about it the GP instantly jumps on the depression bandwagon. This year is a big one for me, off on the holiday of a lifetime and one of my sons is getting married. At this rate I will be to embarrassed to show my body the sun, which it clearly needs and as for the wedding well the dress i have found is two sizes up from my norm and I am struggling not to need a bigger size.

I know exercise diet etc blah blah, but as you kind folk know exercise ha, I work full time have a family to keep and am constantly exhausted, diet yeah right I beardy eat and am moaned at by colleagues and family about how little I actually eat. I am seriously considering diet pills and I don't care if they do me harm, cause I hate the way I feel and look and let's be honest here with all the other symptoms what's a few more matter.

Please please please help me with some basic, quick and easy advise I am desperate and hate myself more everyday (and don't need anti depressants) just need me back 😪

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Geordi, Leave 24 hours between last Levothyroxine dose and thyroid blood test which should be an early morning fasting test (water only) as TSH is highest early and drops post prandially.

If the test is for parathyroid and vitD and doesn't include thyroid you needn't observe the above. Did your urologist suggest in writing that your GP refer you to endocrinology? If not, perhaps you could make a written request for referral stating the urologist recommended it.

Weight loss is only likely to be effective with a sensible diet plan and exercise. Please don't resort to diet pills which may have adverse effects.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

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Geordi. when we barely eat, our body goes into starvation mode and doesn't release weight easily. When you add in an underactive thyroid maybe you can see the difficulty, right?

Eating 5 - 6 small meals thru out the day that are protein rich and low glycemic can be very helpful. Foods like sliced baked turkey/beef/chicken /fish, boiled eggs, fresh fruit, raw veggies, organic as much as one can afford, with generous amts of 'good' fats. The body won't feel that it is starving any longer. Keeping the body's blood sugar/glucose from 'spiking' is also essential.

Maybe picking up the book "Entering the Zone" by Dr. Barry Sears might be advantageous? The book's intent isn't to necessarily be a weight-loss book/plan (tho that will happen) but to make us feel better..... getting off the mantra of being sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Give this a try before diet pills. If you are eating very little, what good will diet pills (designed to curb your appetite) do for you?

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Phoenix thank you for the reply, it is much appreciated.

I am by nature a grazer often nibbling on food. I don't starve myself (honestly) I am just not hungry.

Having never had to watch what I eat I am completely ignorant about fats, carbs, proteins etc and having 3 skinny Minnie boys all of which eat what they like I have never had the need to investigate such things.

I will have a look at the book you suggest I hope it's easy reading as my concentration levels are not good, just another symptom of the dreaded thyroid I suppose. Fortunately I love fruit and veg always eating it the veg raw whilst preparing dinners.

I need to get fit as well feel like a big lump of wobbly jelly but this is tough not just energy levels but had major neck surgery just over a year ago but the result has not been great and may need further disc replacement.

I completely go with the mantra but mine includes fat and fed up.

Sorry to sound so negative.


Hi, Geordi.. Some of the book isn't an easy read and does get technical in some chapters. To be honest, I skipped those and got to the The value for various foods are given in the back of the book and I just picked out the ones I eat the most and applied them to his formula.

The gist of it is that when we balance our proteins, carbs and fats, our blood sugar stays down and our body hums along. The writer divides all food by those 3 catagories and ignores calories. He also 'blocks' these proteins, carbs and fats so it is easy to do the math and the balancing. Basically, each block of protein is approx. 1 oz of meat or 7 grams of protein. You balance that protein with a 'block' of carbs which is 9 grams of carbs which is approx. 1/2 cp of fresh fruit, 1 -2 cps of raw veggies or 1 cup of cooked vegetables. Same with fats (which are much less grams). Of course, you try to avoid the high glycemic carbs like potatoes/corn/ white bread/sugar/sweets etc but even those are doable as long as you balance it all.

It sounds very complicated at first glance but once the light bulb goes on, it is so easy to follow. Most of us will need 11 - 13 protein 'blocks' per day and this will dictate the rest of the meals (carbs/fats). The real beauty of it is that you don't get hungry for 4 - 5 hrs and you almost can't help but lose weight since you are avoiding those sugar spikes.

Don't apologize for feeling negative. It is hard not to be negative what with the brain fog, feeling unwell, low energy/tiredness etc. What's to be upbeat about, right? I had all that when I was on synthroid (t4) only before I discovered NDT.

Sorry about your surgery. That can be tough. My sis had some vertebrae in her neck replaced a few years back and it wasn't fun. If you have been under a lot of stress (besides the hypo which is bad enough), you might be experiencing some adrenal fatigue which means you shouldn't strenuously exercise anyway.... just nice, quiet, leisurely walks.


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