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What dosage should I be on?

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I want to be armed with knowledge from you lovely people as you have been so helpful.

I was borderline and my doctor put me on Thyroxine 50 mg back in October/November and said that we would review at a later date. Weirdly my thyroid has now tipped over and I'm definitely hypothyroid.

Here are my results:

Serum Free T4 Level - 11.4 pmol/L (12.0 - 22.0) Below

Serum Free Triiodothyronine Level - 4.9 pmol/L (3.1 - 6.8)

Serum TSH Level - 9.60 mu/L (0/3 - 4.2) Above

I felt a lot worse being borderline without any Levo and had tingling in my hands and feet, tiredness, dry hair and I gained a lot of weight and developed a goitre (which I still have) when I was 17, 8 years ago and I've been living with that every since with the symptoms getting worse, I'm now 25.

Now I still feel somewhat tired easily and have also kept the weight on and think I might've put more on since November. I also have muscle weakness and aches.

Thanks in advance!

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Also I forgot to mention, sometimes a spot on my neck just above my goitre really hurts.


Your dose has been too low for sometime and you should have had a test and increase about six weeks after your began levo. Hopefully he will give you a rise and go back in another six weeks too. Your T4 is too low - you cannot convert to sufficient T3 and your T3 is low due to insufficient T4.

You have to read and learn like most of us on this forum because we weren't getting well due to the guidelines.

Once you are on an optimum dose of levo you, hopefully, will feel much better. Nowadays they are apt to keep doses too low and symptoms still occur so hopefully your doctor will increase till the disappear.

You are very young and you want to have a healthy/happy life so read and learn and you will know more than most doctors. Also you'll have had the personal experience whereas most of them haven't.

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