Finding it almost impossible to get Levothyroxine. Ran out a week ago, the ones I purchased off the internet came eventually from India, was advised not to take them!

Today can not function body letting me down! Phoned doctors next app 9th Feb! Must have another bold test! Each time I need another perscription I must have another blood test! Must be EU ruling, have been on this drug now since 2000, and was never like this! My only alternative was to take the tablets from India, because I can not leave the house the way I feel! Took tablet at 10.40am, waiting to see the outcome!

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  • Are you saying that every month or two months your gp is requiring you to get a blood test before they will renew your prescription? This sounds like a miscommunication. Most gps only want to test once or twice a year. Does your gp have phone appointments? I would look into getting a phone appointment, or contact your local PALS. This is unacceptable and odd.

  • Due to the Credit Crunch I had to take a job travelling 99% of the time, so I gave up my home in Devon as I was never there! I was told I could not have a doctor without an address! So it makes it very difficult to get tablets, everytime is a nightmare. They keep changing my dosage so therefore they say I need a blood test everytime!

  • Under the circumstances I would definitely suggest buying your own and paying for your own blood tests when you think you need them.

    You would then have a much wider choice of meds to choose from - different brands and different hormone products i.e. levothyroxine (T4), liothyronine (T3), and Natural Dessicated Thyroid (NDT).

    You would have to have an address to deliver them to. In the UK it is legal to import prescribed medicines for your own use without a prescription. Expect to pay VAT, customs charges and admin charges if you buy from outside the EU.

    Ask on here for recommended sources. People must reply via private message because forum rules don't allow advertising of such sources.

  • Self-medication could be the way to go, but you could also register with a GP from a friend's address (or buy a mailbox address and register from there might work).

  • Thank you! Yes I have decided to go private I feel it is the only way! My problem is now this minute, I need to work and feel incapable of functioning without the drugs.

    I have taken a tablet that I bought off the internet which came from India, just waiting the outcome!

  • I got mine from Turkey and they are great. Is there a trade name? People on this forum may be able to tell you whether they are good or not.

    If you have been without medication for some time then taking one pill now probably won't do much. It is possible to take (in extreme situations) a whole week's Thyroxine at a time without dying (usually done as a last resort when a doctor suspects the patient is not taking the pills). So if you need a boost you could take 2-3 days dose.

  • Thanks, which website?

  • Mine were bought in person when on holiday, but many people on this site self medicate and buy in from abroad. If you start a new question people will PM you website of their supplier.

  • Thank you, I did try that!

  • Who advised you not to take the stuff from India?

  • A client of mine that worked for a pharmaceutical company! She said it was not licensed and there was probably differing amounts in each tablet!

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