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New to this site

Hi I'm new to the site and fairly new to hypothyroidism. I'm still in experimental stage with my tsh levels, so far my Levo is 100mg. I wondered if anyone gets swollen lymph nodes under arm and groin. I went to gp in dec with same thing and they said its my immune system and most likely connected to my body fighting a bad dose of tonsillitis id had. I have felt tired all week and now these sore lumps have re-appeared (2 under arm and one down below). Any thoughts anyone. Thanks Donna

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Do you have Hashimotos ? All sorts of funny things can happen when you have an auto-immune issue going on.

I had Benign Breast Disease for years - which only resolved when my thyroid was adequately treated - and yes I do have Hashimotos :-)



I have the same problem breast very painful can feel like a boil under arm

Comes and goes very worrying have had breast screening and ultra sound nothing shows up Evening Primrose Tablets help and have had antibiotics but prefer to manage without as I don't think they help


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