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I read the following article yesterday and a few things clicked into place in my head (hopefully the link comes out OK). I know I do too much thinking and self analysis but I couldn't understand why, with an average daily calorie deficit of 300-400, I was gaining weight, despite eating healthily. My functional practitioner started me on probiotics three weeks ago because of suspected leaky gut and I'm starting to see a difference. If this article seems to say what I think it says, then no wonder we're all confused about the "right" things to eat!


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  • This is a very interesting article. Shame i missed the programme. I am trialling probiotic yoghurt drinks but maybe this wont be enough? What probiotics are you taking Hunny59 and what benefits are you finding?

  • The good news is that the programme hasn't been aired yet - it's due tonight at 21:00 :)

    The probiotics I'm on are called Pro Basan Complete and, so far, I've found my digestion is improving, my stomach is making far less noises and I'm not suffering from the symptoms of low acid indigestion any more. Most interestingly for me, I've noticed that my body fat % is finally starting to go down again, as is my weight. Slow, but it's going in the right direction which is more than it's done for the last 2 years!

  • Thats fab, i can watch it then!

    Thats good news then taking the probiotics. I will investigate further. i would be delighted with losing any weight!! ive just started on T3 and am hoping that might help but i am very intrigued re healing the gut.

  • Me too! I have to say I was a little sceptical when leaky gut was mentioned but - you know what it's like - when you're having trouble get back to normality, you'll try just about anything (within reason!)

  • Thanks for posting honey. I have just ordered myself some probiotics as weight is a problem with me. Looking forward to watching tonight's programme.

  • Interesting article.

    I've been trying to brew my own fermented food for probiotic benefits. I've started with kombucha tea, and sauerkraut. These both seemed like easy ones to me!

  • Since I started taking probiotics, I've stopped losing weight, and have become constipated! Not sure what that tells us. lol

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