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Weight gain

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Hi all I was diagnosed hypothyroid in 2012, being severely depressed (which was only one of the many symptoms I had, the list is too long to type on here!!) and being treated with anti depressents for so called clinical depression was a major mis- diagnosis to say the least! I have been on various doses of Levothyroxine ever since but my dosage has now been increased to 100 mcg, I get re tested in December. I do feel a lot, lot better than I did my only gripe is that no matter how much I try I cannot seem lose weight, I have never been so big, I was 9st 7 lb now I am 12st 2lb. I am still eating the same (maybe even a little less) and I am not sedentary. This is really bothering me. Does anyone else have the same problem or any advice relating to certain foods or exercises that have been helpful?

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You could be undermedicated or you might not be converting T4 to T3 well enough. What are your latest test results? If you haven't got them ask your surgery for a print out, we are legally entitled to them in the UK.

You really need to have




tested along with vitamins and minerals which need to be optimal for thyroid hormone to work so ask for

Vit D




If you can't get them all done by your GP we have recommended labs who do home fingerprick (or venous) tests at a reasonable price.

When you have your results, make a new thread and post them with reference ranges for members to comment.

SeasideSusie thank you for your reply I am due for a blood test on December 2nd because of the increase from 75 mcg to 100mcg and she has only asked for free T3.

I used to take D3 but i don't need to now as my levels are fine at 70 and I already had B12, folate and ferritin tested and all okay. My GP is really compassionate actually much better than all the ones I had before. I have gone through my menopause now but must have been menopausal for about fifteen years altogether but only since I became hypothyroid in 2012 have I gained weight steadily and I am worried where it will end which is why I am wondering if anyone here knows a good diet and exercise (not a faddy one like the ones you see everywhere you look!) But a sensible one? I have read a lot of conflicting arguments such as we need more protein and less starch, more starch and less protein etc. etc..... so am just confused. Also I've just had a thought my body temperature is pretty low I took it earlier and it was 96. something (one line before 97) when it used to be a normal 98.5 plus I don't shiver when I'm cold I just get goose bumps I'm sure that's not right!??

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I used to take D3 but i don't need to now as my levels are fine at 70

Is that 70 nmol/L which is the usual unit of measurement in the UK? If so it is not fine. Replete is 75-200, and the Vit D Council recommends a level of 100-150nmol/L. So if it is 70nmol/L then you need it higher, as it is now winter we can't make D3 naturally from the sun so our stores are being called upon and most people need to take some D3 during the winter, along with it's cofactors K2-MK7 and magnesium.

I already had B12, folate and ferritin tested and all okay

What is OK? Is B12 at the very top of the range, around 900-1000? Is Folate at least half way through it's range? Is Ferritin at least 70, better still half way through it's range. That's where they all need to be for us hypos so that thyroid hormone can work.

If your temperature is low, you may be undermedicated. You should post your new results, with reference ranges, when you have them and you really need TSH, FT4 and FT3.

Why didn't my doctor tell me all this? Surely she would have noticed that my levels were inadequate?

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For members to know you have responded, you need to reply directly under their message with the green REPLY button so they get a notification.

Your doctor didn't tell you because as far as nutrient levels are concerned, they think that if something is in range, even just one point up from the bottom, they everything is fine. They don't understand about optimal levels. They aren't taught nutrition.

Also, they're so poorly educated about treating hypothyroidism. They think taking a little white pill every day cures it and if your numbers fall anywhere within the range then you are fine. If you still show symptoms they say they're not connected hypothyroidism, you are making it up or you suffer from a mental illness.

My GP said that she really feels sorry for hypothyroid sufferers as she thinks that they get a raw deal and GP's hands are tied because 'they' have to conform to the dictatiorship of what the latest 'fashion' is set by the medical council.

On a personal level I do feel more 'normal' than I have felt for a long time, it's just this weight that is a problem.

this is what I have just found which backs up what my doctor told me about my vitamin D results

' A level of 20 nanograms/milliliter to 50 ng/mL is considered adequate for healthy people. A level less than 12 ng/mL indicates vitamin D deficiency'

22 May 2016

Those are US measurements, not UK. So if your D is 50 ng/mL that's 159 nmol/L, which is great. But I'd want to see the results to make sure that they weren't in nmol/L as is usual in the UK.

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But Iike I said, what is the unit of measurement of your test? The UK measurement is usually NMOL/L and the Vit D Council recommends 100-150NMOL/L.

If your unit of measurement is NG/ML then the Vit D Council recommends 40-60NG/ML

I don't know she just read something out from her computer screen :(

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