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Accidentally took my thyroxine dose twice


I think I may have accidentally taken my dose twice this evening. What might happen? I usually have a little system to remind me to take it but tonight got distracted and think I may have taken it again. I wish they would number or put days on the pack. Any advice please of what I can expect to happen if I've taken double my dose.

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There's a good chance nothing will happen. :)

Levothyroxine has a long half life, that is, it takes a while to build up in your system, and similarly quite a while to reduce - about a week. In fact, with hypothyroid people who regular forget to take their Levo, doctors sometimes advise taking a whole week's worth on a particularly day, for example, Saturday.

I wouldn't worry about it and carry on as usual. If you started making a habit of it, that would be different. :)

I've done exactly the same thing........and nothing weird happened (or certainly nothing that I noticed). I've also forgotten a dose with no apparent detrimental effect. Easily done.

Know what you mean about the packets though. I think they don't bother with putting the days of the week because sometimes people use a combination of pills to get their dose, given that they go in 25mcg increments and it might cause more muddle.

I started with putting M T W Th F S Su with a fine felt pen on the blisterpack, eventually got fed up with that and bought a plastic 1 week dosing strip box, it was the princely sum of £1 from my local pharmacy! I just keep filling it as the compartments empty. :D

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That's a good idea. Then you know for sure. Does it not deteoriate out of the blister pack though?

Nothing will happen for just one extra dose. Try not to do it again

Write M, T, W,Th, F, S, Su on the white plastic side of the pill pack with a Sharpie /permanent marker.

Hi You can get a pill pot with the days on . That would save you worrying.



Nothing will happen to you after taken one extra dose, Just take your next dosage as normal as it will even out . I always put my tablets in there packets next to the kettle before I go to bed so there is no way I can for get them, So no need to panic. :)

I tried writing the marker on my blister pack for all my meds but some designs don't have enough room. My levo is now different doses alternate days so I got one of the pill dispensers from Amazon. Mine has a.m and p.m slots as I have to take my asthma meds at night. I just fill it up once a week, normally on a weekend, and don't lose track of what I've taken or what dose anymore. You can buy bigger versions if you take meds during the day too, or want more weeks (eg if you are going on holiday). Mine was only £2.00 approx and is the best thing I've ever bought (free p&p too) :-)

Thanks everyone. I am, of course, fine. Just panicked a bit last night when I realised I'd taken a double dose.

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