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NHS failures


I first went to my doctor about 2 years ago with Hypothyroid symptoms, he wanted prescribe anti-depressants. About a year later he had a blood test done and put me on Levothyroxine. From the first day I had indigestion which I was told to ignore. When it got worse the solution was ant-acids, I asked if I could go on a different make of Levothyroxine but was told that could not possibly be the problem. Through this site I later found out that I could just ask my chemist and have since changed from Mercury Pharma to Activil. When I got really ill (and dramatic weight loss) with the indigestion he referred me to a surgeon. Fortunately by this stage I had started researching things myself and had gone gluten free, and by the time I saw the surgeon my indigestion was beginning to clear up.

I did ask the surgeon to refer me to the endocrinologist at the hospital. I received a letter from the endocrinologist yesterday saying that he would not meet with me, there was no viable alternative to Levothyroxine and that my illness was not caused by thyroid issues.

Am not writing this to have a go at these two medics, it seems they were just working to NHS doctrine. The lack of help has made it clear to me that I need to look elsewhere to get well and am fortunate enough to be improving through changing diet and taking supplements. But the system is not working too well and needs to change.


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tyroneccv I know how hard this is I had years an dyears of it and still ill but your gluten thing- I saw on natural news I think that it couldbe glyphosfonates I think that s how you spell it an dnot gluten making you ill, just athought.

annie-7 in reply to bluepettals2

Hi bluepettals2, I saw that article, it does make sense. I'm not allergic to gluten, but feel a lot better when I make my own bread/crackers/biscuits with organic Spelt flour. (That's when I have enough energy to bake and cook!)

Here's the link to Natural News, in case anyone is interested.


sheenah in reply to annie-7

Very Interesting quick read - good to be informed


bluepettals2 in reply to annie-7

oh that's good anni glad you saw it


Welcome to the club: been there and done that like many on this forum. The NHS is a whore to Big Pharma, Profits and Corruption.

The establishment engages in disinformation because Big Pharma cannot patent a natural product like NDT. That's also why there is a war on natural supplements. You need to be dependent on synthetic meds so that Big Pharma can stay in business.

I was also told i was not really ill, they also tried to put me on anti-deps (remember they get a financial incentive to do so, how corrupt can a system be!), told i could not possibly be allergic to levo (binders and fillers) - despite gut issues being included on the leaflet as a side effect - NHS kept me undermedicated on levo for almost a decade, failed to diagnose iron def anaemia (i keeled over on the street and ended up getting 3 blood transfusions in a weekend); failed to diagnose coeliac disease (you are just stressed and depressed), failed to diagnose Pernicious Anaemia (you are just anxious, have these anti depressants)

The joke is that no one is ever held accountable for this misconduct and criminal negligence. If you try to sue them it is virtually impossible as you need an expert witness - and the expert witnesses come from the establishment; they won't criticise their pals.

The best thing we can do is source our own products; it's many people's last hope. You never get back the years of your life they steal from you.

Like many here, I source my own NDT, determine my own dose, self inject for PA (the dose I need, not the dose the NHS tells me I need). Never been better.

BTW, you likely have low stomach acid- it is coupled with hashimotos. I use Betaine HCL and Creon. Along with strict gluten avoidance, it has done wonders for me. The NHS does not prescribe HCL so there is no profit in it - that's why they usually misdiagnose the opposite- so that you can use their crappy antacids and keep Big Pharma in business.

Based on my personal experience of the NHS i can say without reservation that the medical establishment is by far the most corrupt I have encountered (and i also have a great deal of experience in law enforcement and government, traditionally highly corrupt - but NHS tops them all).

BTW, my latest trick is to covertly record ALL consults. Nine times out of ten i catch them out that way (lying, denying known diagnoses, etc). In fact, I have audio evidence of lying and misconduct by several GPs and consultants, only I cannot do anything with it as the Ombudsman is just as bad. I am hanging onto it as insurance for possible use at a later date

Anyhow, rant over and well done doing your own research and educating yourself.

sheenah in reply to Hidden

Yes I agree - a similar story to my own although not nearly as bad - I too was prescribed anti-depressants but refused - go your own way - there are plenty of people here who will help you!


sheenah in reply to sheenah

Oh No - I meant that your story was worse!!



bluepettals2 in reply to Hidden

blue daff- you deserve an MBE! iam taking you with me next time

Hidden in reply to bluepettals2

Why how kind :-)

bluepettals2 in reply to Hidden

I admire you cos youhave been so ill but got on as best you could to sort yourself out, I can do all that you have done but I haven't got the confidence or the courage to inject. well done you.

SilverAvocado in reply to Hidden

Blue daffodil, recording the appointment sounds like Great idea. Could you please say a bit more about how you do it? What sort of device do you use, and do you keep it a secret?

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