Adrenal issues??

I had the usual NHS adrenal test some time ago which came back as ok (?)

I have a problem sleeping, I wake up just about ten minutes after I have fallen asleep. Sometimes it takes hours to get back to sleep. Lately I have also woken in the middle of the night almost in a state of panic, heart thundering and sweating.

I've just read on another site that taking a pinch of a mixture of salt and sugar if you wake,will help you sleep.

Anyone seen this or have an opinion on this??

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  • Google The Adrenal Cocktail.

  • Thanks Flower. :)

  • your NHS adrenal will ALWAYS come back normal even if you are dead. I hav ehad first hand of this. you cannot rely on it, you need saliva test and non nhs or a nhs who accepts genova... pm me , I have two contacts.

  • I'm loving' the new pic bluepettals2.

  • And even if they don't come back normal (mine didn't), you just get sent for another test until they get one that does come back normal (or you are so ill with Cushings or Addisons that you might as well be dead).

  • Thank you PM.

  • Healing the adrenals is a long journey comprised of many approaches, giving up all sugars, making sure you go to bed no later than 10pm when melatonin kicks in, taking magnesium citrate at bedtime, taking a good general vitamin supplement such as viridian phytonutrients, dealing with any psychological stresses in your life by putting up boundaries, have therapy if needed, rest and more rest, take up Mindfulness meditation, sort your thyroid medication out, increase salt intake but make sure it is Himalayan or organic sea salt not the usual chemical rubbish, make sure your diet consists of fresh healthy foods, no process or sugary/white flour foods. Eventually you will find your sleep patterns improve. I followed this regime for months and it took a long time to start feeling better but I am now in an improved state of health but I have to keep working at it.

  • Thanks Joy, I think it must be the Salt that's lacking, I don't use it in cooking but do put it on the table. I only use Cornish sea salt (I live in Cornwall.) Perhaps I should look for Himalayan. I don't eat sugar apart from one portion of fruit a day. I'm a vegetarian and gluten free so don't eat refined flour products I'm always in bed by ten, sometimes earlier. Perhaps I should move my Magnesium to bedtime, never thought of that. I think my thyroid meds. are ok. I'm on T3 only but must admit to feeling tired so perhaps I should rest more.

  • Beaton it seems you are on the right track but perhaps need to tweak a few things, good luck keep going.

  • Thank you Joy.x

  • Ah Beaton, a fellow soul! I have almost an identical sleep pattern to you. The only difference is I get an adrenaline surge that wakes me up shortly after I have fallen asleep. It's good to know it's not an adrenal problem, but what the h*ll is it then? I'd really love to know!

  • :)

  • I think it is an adrenal problem. When cortisol is low, the body compensated by making too much adrenine. I experience the adrenaline rush just after falling asleep too Chancery. Then have to wait ages before I fall asleep as adrenaline has to leave the body.

    I think Joyia's post above about healing adrenals is excellent.


  • Good to know I'm not alone, Flower - although I can't imagine you're glad to join me! I find it's the adrenaline part that's worst. I can cope with being woken, it's that feeling of knowing you are going to be SO awake - coffee and a bar of dark chocolate awake - and that you might not get to sleep for hours now. Sometimes I could weep, it's such an unpleasant sensation. If I'm really unlucky it will give me jumpy legs, which will turn to full-blown restless legs so I'll not just be awake but fidgeting and sweating and have boiling hot feet. I hate it.

    I really don't have a clue how to treat adrenal problems. I've read a load of advice about it but it always sounds so mumbo-jumbo-ish it puts me off it. I WANT to believe, but I feel too stupid doing it!

    P.S. I know there is a restless legs forum on here. It's just occurred to me that might be a good place to look for advice on this....

  • It sounds mumbo I jumbo because I don't think anyone really knows. My night adrenaline rushes are similar to yours but also accompanied by an internal tremor either in my head or chest which starts and stops as if someone is flicking a switch. Every thing has got so much worse since I took the glandulars.

    I have made progress but it is slow.

  • I think the mumbo jumbo thing is also caused by it being firmly in the alternative health world. It's always difficult when an idea is rejected by mainstream medicine, as adrenal fatigue is, to separate the truth from the histrionics. Unfortunately a lot of alternative practitioners are as lax as doctors when it comes to staying abreast of research and a lot of them simply regurgitate old wives' tales. Personally, I do believe that fatigue is legitimate simply because adrenals, like anything else in the body, must be subject to slow deterioration - that makes sense to me. This idea that mainstream medicine has that they either work or fail completely is patently absurd.

    However, that doesn't help anyone who needs treatment, since there isn't any there, so what do you do? You're left to muddle along with the alternative health crowd, trying to pick the wisdom and truth from the dross and exaggerations. It's a hard life!

    And I know exactly what you mean about the internal tremors. I started getting these about a month or so back. I've never had them before. I also get them after eating dark chocolate! Which I tend not to do. Mine's feel like fever/flu shivering, but it's all going on inside. Very strange, and I've no idea what's set them off. Unless it's my failing thyroid or my ever worsening neutropenia...

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