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Re-setting the immune system with Stem Cells, curing MS

Absolutely fascinating program on now (Panorama, BBC 1), showing MS sufferers having treatment with their own Stem Cells. Apparently rebuilding their Immune Systems free of MS.

If this can cure MS, I wonder if it will be used for other Autoimmune conditions such as Hashis & PA...........

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I've been wondering that also, with me and several other conditions. I can certain,y relate to the muscle loss and weakness,,I look quite skeletal from waist up - so slowly wasting away, I don't think it's down to my thyroid tho. I think it's my early TB disease that caused my autoimmunity and my blood disorder diagnosedmOctober 2012 -'I'm still waiting for my doc and specialists to wake up! I see similiarities between my Dads and my condition/symptoms when he died in '98.

Docs don't want to know about that either!


I was thinking the same thing.

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I rather fear not for most of us. It would presumably work for any autoimmune disease, and that would include Hashimotos, Coeliac and PA. But while doctors believe that a bit of Levothyroxine every day cures everyone (or a B12 jab every three months), I can't imagine they will spend £30k on the off chance we will feel better! Some people might choose to sell their house to pay for it though!!!

BUT for MS, and Rhuematoid Arthritis which both killed beloved relatives of mine, and other life limiting AI diseases its relatively cheap, and hopefully effective, even if it doesn't last forever. So hopefully, given time, those disease deaths will be a thing of the past.


Yes I had the same thoughts, perhaps well into the future this will become part of mainstream medicine but certainly not in my lifetime, sadly... on saying that it is riveting science and hope it helps all those on the trials with MS.

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I think the research on the subject of stem cells is well along it's way to success. I believe it has been used in Germany for quite some time. America in particular is seriously held back by the religious lobby - ( I should say "ridiculous" rather than "religious"). I believe Birmingham (England) is one of the leading lights in this area.

Before I realized that it was my low Levo dose that was causing my arthritis, (bone on bone they told me!), I researched into the possibility of getting an injection of stem cells to regenerate the cartilage "cushion" between my knee joints. That's where I discovered that it is being done in Germany. But anyway, when I got onto the right (higher) dose of Levo the "bone on bone arthritis" mysteriously disappeared!

The knowledge and the application know how is well established, it is just politics holding us back. And yes Joyia sadly it will not come in our lifetimes. Just imagine if we could get an injection of thyroid stem cells, we could regrow healthy tissue thyroids for ourselves.

This is a subject, as you might have guessed, drives me crazy, makes me mad as Hell.


I agree it's unlikely the NHS will be offering it to Thyroid/PA patients anytime soon, due to cost.

If it's £30k a pop now, at trial stage, that price could well come down. Also, the NHS seem to pay way OTT for everything, so maybe this treatment could start to appear privately.


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