High antibodies in 14yr old boy

My son was seen by a paediatrician today and now awaits referral to a specialist. He has also been advised to go gluten free on a trial.

His symptoms are tired all the time with episodes of extreme fatigue, brain fog, bad memory and varying IBS symptoms.

We were told his antibody count was 32 when a high level would be 6. His thyroid levels however are within range.

Has anybody else experienced this?

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  • A member who has hashimotos will respond.

    I'll give you a link re Hashimotos which is an Autoimmune Thyroid Disease and because of the antibodies which will attack the thyroid gland and eventually he'll become hypothyroid. Gluten free helps to keep the antibodies down.




  • Antibodies to what? have you a copy of the thyroid blood tests? What was his serum ferritin?

    v sorry to hear u r going thru this, but they seem to be taking it seriously.

    Antibodies to the thyroid are not uncommon among young people, sometimes apparently they exist without symptoms. Does he have any gut probs and do u know his b12 level?

  • sorry I see the ibs now. Going g free might help. Have u tried dairy free already? i take it the celiac test was negative?

  • Celiac was negative but Dr did refer to the "grey area" of gluten intolerance. Apparently endocrinology will do lots of lab work.

    I just want to see him fully participate in life again.

  • I'm not gluten free, but try to stick to sourdough bread, or rye, & eat lots probiotics.

    Chris Kresser's articles on thyroid & nutrition make a lot of sense, & a clean diet is sensible, regardless of age or health.

    These might give you some ideas:




  • hi

    these are symptoms of celiac, my nephew was the same but tested positive, my small bit of advice would be do everything you can now i.e. gluten free to protect his thyroid as much as you can now, don't wait for more thyroid symptoms/problems. if gluten is aggravating the gut too, i wonder how much nourishment he's really getting.

    best of luck x

  • My antibodies were high for years before I hit The Wall. GF is a good first step, because I noted my TPO antibodies dropped back to zero after about 18 months GF. However be aware that there are any number of chemicals in the environment which could cause this, e.g. artificial sweeteners and perchlorates. You might want to check thyroid.about.com and other thyroid support sites to see what the latest knowledge is on causes of thyroid antibodies.

  • I think you are very lucky to have a paediatrician who understands the link between gluten and antibodies. Going gluten free is a really good idea. I am gluten free. It needs to be 100% gluten free, as even a small amount can provoke an antibody response. I would trial it for 3 months, and go dairy free too. Your son is very lucky to have a mother who willing to spend time researching ways to keep him well.

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