Hashimoto's and HRT

Just wondering. . .I've been on HRT (bioidentical hormones) for 23 years. I went through early menopause at 45 years of age. Recently it occurred to me that is around the same time it was discovered I was hypothyroid. Does the emergence of Hashimoto's frequently coincide with menopause? Also, about 3 years ago I went off of the HRT for a year. The docs are always trying to get me off of them. I went back on them after a year because in one year, I aged about 10. And in addition, my thyroid disease went crazy with my TSH rising to above 14. Do you think going off the HRT contributed to the increased thyroiditis?

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  • Teenarock, puberty, pregnancy and menopause are known triggers for hypothyroidism. Undiagnosed hypothyroidism may cause menstruation to stop and it will often resume, unless menopause is the cause, when thyroid levels are optimal.

    I had menopause before <42, long before I developed Hashimoto's. I only took HRT to 'protect bone health' and stopped taking it after a couple of years when it became apparent that risks might outweigh benefits. I certainly didn't feel any better for taking it but symptoms and sweats were very mild and not troubling. I do now have mild osteopenia so I might have been better off continuing HRT. Who knows?


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  • Thanks, Clutter. I've been on HRT for 23 years and I still have osteopenia. So it's not a "cure-all". But I do feel better on it which is why I resist going off. I have no known risks for heart disease so they humor me. My BP is low, I'm not overweight, I've never smoked. I did age terribly when I was off of it for a year. I regret it.

  • Teenarocks, well you've reassured me that I didn't necessarily make a mistake by quitting HRT. HRT didn't improve my looks at all while I was taking it but it knocked 10 years of my boss at the time. She was glowing in a good way. Mind you she'd fallen in love around the same time so it was possibly a double whammy for her. I think it's the weight loss with Hashi's, thyCa, and Levothyroxine which has aged me :(

  • I guess we both need to fall in love!

  • Teenarocks, I don't think I can be bothered to deal with all that entails :-D

  • Yeah, it's not worth it anymore. I'm too tired! ;)

  • Yes on all counts and hashi's can cause loss of sex hormones too.

  • I was diagnosed with Hashimoto a few months after my hysterectomy and yes there is evidence that menopause is a trigger. I decided not to go down the HRT route because I knew that at some point I'd have to deal with the Menopausal symptoms. I take 75mcg of levothyroxine and eat a paleo diet. I feel loads better and my goitre which was huge has also gone back down in size. I put this down to changing the way I eat. However I still have bad hot flushes etc. I take some supplements and also go for acupuncture and it has helped. I know this doesn't answe your w question directly but hopefully it will give you food for thought regarding alternative ways of managing to two together.

  • I have the same theory as you! Been on HRT for years as born without ovaries. Endocrine system and all hormones interlinked with autoimmune diseases IMHO

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