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I need help

I've been on NDT for 3 months got up to 2 grains but am still symptomatic . Results show low tsh high t3 notmal t4.

Doc said I was over medicated....but I still have symptoms. I'm new to this milarky and still trying to get head around the whole T this and T that....

I was advised to lower dose but I'm not sure if I should because I still have symptoms. And to be perfectly honest the doc doesn't really know what he's prescribed as he didn't know what the formulation of the armour I was taking and had to google it. He just wrote prescription out, for 2 grains armour.

Anyway the reason I'm asking is that I have really sore boobs!! And read that this could be due to over medication on t3??

I'm also going through menopause joy!!!! And I have no idea if or when I'll get another period which it might be down to who know???

All I know is that I'm utterly sick to death of this. It's been going on for over a year now...initially they shot me straight onto 150mcg of levothyroxine...I was so ill I came off it and stated on NDT in August.

As I've explained to another friend of mine who is also thyroid patient I want to find out what I can do for the best. There are so many stories out there I've come to realise that there isn't a one size fits all and that we are all individuals...I just wondered if there were others who are going through similar to me and if they have managed to find some solutions...

as for menopause symptoms I've found the perfect most amazing food supplement to cure the hot sweats!!! Worked within 3 days and perfectly good to use with hypothyroidsim !!

If only this thyroid rubbish was as simple eh?

Cheers for any help


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Well dont leave us on tenterhooks.... Whats the suppliment?

The sore boobs.... Have a look at serenity cream.... Worked for me.

You need to actually have a look at the numbers for your test results, low tsh could be anything and is free t3 over range? It dies matter.

How is your ferritin level, and iron, and b12... Until all these are optimised the thyroid hormones dont really work.

Xx g



The wonderful supplement is called drum roll please.....MENOPAUSE FX

It worked within 3 days for me and I did write and ask them if it was safe to take with meds....they said yes

I don't have free t3 test but we are looking at getting a private one done next month can't afford it this month 😟

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Oh yes I started using wellsprings stuff and I have migrated to a similar product in the menopause fx ....all plant hormones bioidenticals?


Sorry to hear this! 3 grains of NDT a day is a totally reasonable dose (even higher) - if that's what YOU need. This by Janie Bowthorpe explains more:


Starting levothyroxine on 150 mcg was far too high .No wonder it made you ill. Most start on 25mcg,or 50mcg and then increase after 6-8 weeks following blood tests.

Younger than 50 can start higher say 100mcg.


cured my very sore boobs with evening primrose oil capsules... took a few months to work but on 1 of my trying to save money so stop some supplements I soon found out just how well they work! I will never stop taking them again.


DO NOT let your doctor reduce your meds, most people get on fine with suppressed TSH mainly because measuring TSH is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard when you are taking ANY sort of thyroid replacement hormone.


If you were shot up to 150mcgs thyroxine too fast,how do you know that the right dose,arrived at slowly won't work for you?I used thyroxine for 17 years,but now use T3 only.Many people do very well on the right dose of thyroxine,others do well on a combo of T4 & T3.Some people do not do well on NDT,others do.


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