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Lump on my thyroid

Hi I'm just a bit worried about two weeks ago I came down with a really sore throat and Bad cough and then noticed a lump on my thyroid on one side I went to the doctors last week and he gave me some antibiotics and then just said don't worry it's nothing I'll send you for an Ultrsound and that was thati'm just wondering if that's normal and anyone else has experienced this and if anyone could give me a bit of insight of what it is I have read so much about thyroid conditions I am just confused myself I don't think I have any other symptoms yes I can be moody and you get aches and pains but I just put that down to you I'm 42 so I'm getting older so if anyone would get back to me I'd greatly appreciate it thanks

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Noz174, the lump may be a thyroid nodule or cyst. Your GP has ordered the ultrasound scan to see the size and condition of your thyroid gland and to determine whether the lump is a nodule or cyst. If anything looks suspicious on the scan further investigation will be done. 95% of nodules and cysts are benign and left in situ unless they are causing problems with nearby organs.

Has your GP done thyroid blood tests to check your thyroid function?


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Hi thanks forgetting back to me I had all my bloods done back in November and he says my thyroid blood are fine


Of course he did! Because he has no idea. You must ask for a copy of your results - it's your legal right to have one - so that you can see exactly what was tested, and what the result was.

Your doctor is going to say that everything is 'fine' if your results are just 'in-range'. But that's just his opinion, and he isn't in your body, so you might disagree. It's not just being in-range that counts, it's where in the range the result falls. So, go and ask him for a print-out. If you Don't understand the results, post them on here, and someone will help you. :)

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Hi been for my ultrasound scan today and have a 2 cm nodular that doesn't cause him any concern the specialist consultant doesn't seem worried at all in his words chillout he said let the doctors do some work now and go and have some blood test and they will just monitor me every 3 to 6 months which I guess is good l have calmed down a bit my question is is 2 cm big and is it normal to just monitor and just a bit confused at why it's come upI know I sound a bit stupid but just like other people's advice thanks.xx


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