Freaking out

Random posy just because I need to say something but I'm having a weird anxiety episode.

Text the bf this morning and unusuallly he's not replied so now I'm freaking out that something bad has happened.

Trying to convince myself he is just busy at work not collapsed in a heap at home or in a car crash somewhere!

Can't even go home and check as live too far away from work so would mean too long a lunch break.

I wish he'd reply so I can stop worrying!

I get periods of bad feeling but have managed to keep it from him I'm on the verge of freaking out with an influx of text messages asking him to contact me. ... Trouble is he hasn't read the two I have sent so it won't helo. ...

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Try not to worry. Easier said than done I know as I get anxious like this sometimes. Eveything is always ok though. His phone battery might have run out of charge, he could be in a long meeting...there are many mundane reasons which are much more likely than anything bad. Try to keep yourself occupied and keep calm.

He's probably forgotten his damn phone lol....

But feel a bit better after this rant!

Can safely say he's ok now he finally got in touch at lunch was rushed off his feet first day back after an extended holiday.

Knew I was being silly but so hard to shake the anxiety once it takes hold.

Really pleased! So hard to put anxious thoughts out of your mind so I am really glad you have been reassured :-)

Weak adrenals, that is what I always blame it on.

Been doing so well mostly too!

Usually manage to keep the worrying too a minimum.

Have also in the last month found my confidence and energy again....but today it seems was an exception!

Thinking it's the crap Christmas food and when I get back into eating properly again I should balance back to manageable worry lol

LOL, it only comes once a year.....except for all the others.

I can't tell whether you already know this, but I think fears of loved ones coming to harm are a common form of anxiety even if it's very nonsensical. The most extreme I have heard is a dear friend who started to believe that if he fell asleep at night his partner lying beside him would die! He lay awake terrified all night. I've known lots of people with variations of this and what you describe.

The main thing this friend started to do differently is that he has a twenty minute walk each day with no toddlers! It's a shame we can't take a walk each day with no hypothyroid ;)

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