deppressed weight gain

After a seemingly miraculous weight loss of 13 pounds on nature thyroid before christmas I have been on the scales today and have gained 8 pounds. I have overeaten over christmas and I always tend to overeat. I dont seem to have any control over how I eat . I have been referred for bariatric surgery which I hoped to avoid but will have to now consider.

I also have several large boils on my body. NO point in going to GP about that as I will only be offerred chemicals or antibiotics.

Rather miserable today.

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  • Mandyjane, have you had a thyroid test to check you are optimally medicated on NDT?

  • Dear Clutter,

    I have not been tested yet. I have got to have blood tests for this bariatric surgery refferal so will ask if they can do my thyroid test as well. My temperature is still a bit low, but my pulse is better it was running at 110 now around 80 and steady and I definitely have more energy.

  • Bariatric surgery is something I am sure you will have taken time over - it must be a difficult decision for you. Do give some thought to the fact that it can reduce your absorption of good vitamins and minerals which your body needs....B12 just being one.

  • Hi

    Please think carefully before having the surgery

    I have two close friend who have had it yes they lost the weight, however always throwing up due to eating or drinking too much ,no social life as unable to drink or eat normally

    Both look drawn and years older due to weight loss.

    one has had to have extensive further surgery at a cost to her privately, to lose unwanted skin and tighten everything up. And then 10 years after surgery had infection of the gastric band which nearly killed her, NHS would not operate as it was not a matter of life or death and she could not afford to go privately.

    She was left in a lot of pain before having to have emergency operation on the NHS.

    So please consider all the facts before you commit yourself their are other ways .


  • I am not keen to have the surgery but have tried so many different things that have not worked or have only worked short term. I am 26 stone and have arthritis in my knee and hips, very worried about ending up in a wheel chair. It will be about 18months before the surgery so I have time to see if I cn lose weight another way.

  • Hi

    I hope you can, just try to remain positive.

    I make a lot of soup in the winter as I know what is in it and can have it anytime.

    I don't eat bread as it makes me put on weight .

    Ask your GP to refer you to health adviser from NHS or to 3 month course of slimming World or Weight Watchers.

    Good Luck


  • I learnt not to diet many years ago as for me it leads to weight gain but thanks for the thought.

  • Hi

    I agree if I dieted I put on weight

    I lost 3 st at Slimming World eating a lot more then I had before I was never hungry .

    Unfortunately I have but weight back on due to being on Steroids but know that I will be able to get weight of again once off them .


  • Yes I prefer sliiming world of all the companys but I lost very little weight with them probably because of my thyroid, then went of holiday after months of being with sliiming world and only losing 7 pounds and put on 10 pounds on my weeks holiday. I did very well with overeaters anoymous and lost about 14 stone but I can nolonger cope with the God stuff anymore and also gained a lot of the weight back whilst with them and eating as they say 'moderately'

  • I will be thinking of you and wishing you success in losing weight no matter how you do it .


  • Replying one year later but my post may still be relevant.

    OA as you will know is not a diet club. It exists to help addicts stop eating in ways that are destructive to physical and mental health. No one diet is recommended but abstinence from sugar and white flour is advised. I lost eleven stones fifteen years ago by curbing carbs and sugar.

    Thyroid disease cause me to regain 8 stones. Since treatment began I've returned to low carb living and this has helped me to lose nearly 4 stones since the end of June 2016. I was hypo for years prior to diagnosis (as were many here!) - thankfully levothyroxine works for me (so far). I must cut carbs in order to lose weight - not another diet, rather, a new way of eating and living - and I hope to lose the remaining four stones to reach goal. Good luck and please don't have weight loss surgery. You will end up with far worse health problems than you have now xx

  • Aww I felt so sad reading this. You did amazing to lose weight before Christmas. I've put weight on over Christmas too. Don't we all? So many snacks about, treats we wouldn't normally have in etc. How did you lose the weight before? Don't be down. It's a temporary blip. Draw a line under it and remember you are still lighter than you were when you started. Back to normal routine! Good luck! xx

  • I didnt do anything to lose weight before christmas, just ate normally. I think because I lost weight without trying I felt like I could eat as much as I liked without worrying and went a bit mad over christmas. Maybe if I settle down to eating normally again I will lose again. I dont want to have bariatric surgery at all but am 26 stone and have arthritic hips and knee, If I dont lose weight soon I will be in a wheel chair.

  • Mandy, is the boils thing a clue? I'm wondering whether you ate a lot more of a particular something over the Christmas period? For example, did you eat more bread / more dairy / more sugar?

    Intolerance to food can make you blow up like a balloon (I know this the hard way).

    Don't know if it's any comfort, but weight quickly on tends to be weight quickly off once you return to your normal food intake.

  • Mince pies, I ate a lot of mince pies.

  • :) :) :)

    I do miss mince pies. Gluten free ones just aren't the same - like eating dust with jam.

    I reckon it'll come off again pretty quickly.

  • mandyjane,

    We all put on weight over christmas due to over indulgence.

    The fact you lost it before christmas with normal eating proves you can do it. Concentrate on eating nutritiously as opposed to calorie counting and get thyroid hormones working optimally.

    Weight should revert to normal once all iron, nutrients and meds reach an optimal level. Good levels of ACTIVE T3 are vitally important to loose weight and you will only convert T4 to T3 if everything is optimal.

    Good luck. I think you will have lost enough not to consider the surgery by the time your op date comes up.


  • i am using functional medicine to treat this naturally. You need to know why you are hypo. You are not on enough meds either, i am sure of that.

  • Try looking at this. Good luck!

  • If you have hashimotos and are inflamed, surgery will not help the weight loss. With hypo, it is caused by myxedema. .thickening of the skin and water too. With hashi's people have sensitivity to foods and gut issues and food cravings too. My gut tests show i could never loose weight, just from lacking good gut bacteria. ndt is dosed by improvement in symptoms, not labs, from what i have read.

  • Totally agree with faith. What you need is not surgery, but optimal T3.

    I was around 21 stone when I was on NDT - which didn't agree with me, although not saying it doesn't agree with you - when I went on to T3 only, I came down to about 12 stone, without any diet, and not much exercise. But, I needed quite a bit of T3 to do that, not the piddling amount you get in 2 grains of NDT (Don't actually know how much NDT you're taking, couldn't find any mention of it).

    Please give thyroid hormone replacement a fair trial before resorting to surgery. It was working before Christmas, no reason it won't work again now. And if you need an increase in your dose, then increase, my dear, increase! :)

  • Thankyou, Grey goose. I am having a really sluggish day, my second in a row. I have been taking 5 grains but will increase to 6 and see what happens.

  • OK, I didn't know your dose was that high. Although, there are a lot of people that take that much. We're all different.

    Let us know how you get on. :)

  • I thinK I will give it another month on nature thyroid and if I continue to feel tired and put on weight I will try T3 only.

  • OK, might be a good idea. :)

  • i would not wait a way. Just do it! lol!

  • mandy..Dr Lowe did up to 4 grains with his patients and if that didn't help, he put them on t3 only. Please contact Shaws, an admin on this forum about Lowe's protocol for people who are thyroid resistant...which you most certainly are.

  • The Ndt has helped, I am not having weeks in bed, not constipated. it has help my urine incontinence and initially helped me lose weight but I seem to be going down hill a bit now. I have only been taking nature thyroid for 6 weeks and wonder if it will take a while to get completetly in my system.

  • How long have you been on treatment and how long on ndt?

    You have been there too long then and the fact that you can tolerate that much, lets me know that you are thyroid resistant and not converting the t4 to t3, which then turns to reverse t3 and causes you to get more hypo, the more you raise..


    also info on the last website i gave you too. are not absorbing your thyroid meds correctly, absorption issues in the gut or taking it too close to food etc.., but at that high a dose, you should receive more benefit from it.

    T3 is the active hormone, you are on mostly t4..190 t4 and 45 t3..which for many is really low for t3. I am very sensitive to t3 and i take 37.5..i think greygoose, was at 75! I have seen as high as 300 to start, lowered later, when it got into the cells and they improved, taken 1x daily, like Dr. Lowe did it.

    check out this about dosing..2 weeks, between each raise.

    I may not be well yet, myself, but i have been researching since 2010 and i can tell you , i have read about and remember every reason, why someone doesn't get better and all treatments available.

    Surgery for weight loss is the last thing you should be considering, in my opinion. You are lucky that you have other treatment options to try..i have none left, when it comes to thyroid meds.

    Do you have Hashi's?

  • Thanks for all your help. Dr Peatfeild put me on NAX after my adrenal cortisol was low and I have been taking iron for a couple of years, I dont know if I have hashis never been tested.

    I have been hypo for thirty years and only started treatment after seeing DR skinner just before he died. Dr Skinner told me it would take a long time for me to get well having been ill for so long.

    Can you PM me as to where I can get some T3.

    Thanks again


  • I think you should look into some self testing. Blue Horizon, has kits available. I think you can test for hashi's and get a free t3 and possibly a reverse t3 on that. You need to know why you have this going on. You need to know if you have autoimmune disease!

    T3 won't help you in combination with ndt, if you have a high reverse t3 and not converting.

    I would get the tests and see what they say first..

  • Dear Faith, Do you think I could reduce my nature thyroid and add a bit of T3, Do people do this,

  • People do this, but if you read the info about reverse t3 and non conversion, you will find that using a med with t4, blocks the action of the t3, so it won't help anyway.

    Do you have any thyroid labs at all?

  • Not recent ones. My GP wants me to have bloods taken and will usually do a T3 test with the other tests. Ill get onto it. How do you get rid of reverse T3

  • Even older ones would help, that show a free t3 and free t4, so we can see what it looks may give a clue.

  • Dear Faithm

    My lab results from about 6 months ago while on thyrogold were TSH 0.59 ref 0.27-4.2, T4 9.9mmols ref 12-22 and my T3 was 3.8 mmols ref 3.1- 6,8.

    I can see that my t3 was a bit low and should have been high in range,

    I am having bloods taken tommorow and will see if I can get T3 taken. I will also weight myself on Saturday morning and see if I have lost weight eating more sensibly.

  • is that a free t3 and free t4?

  • That free T4 and T3 I think,

  • They are both low, so you were not on enough..that doesn't provide info on whether you convert or not.

    I have changed my mid and if i were you, i would go for the t3 only method, now, and not do the tests, is don't think they matter much, except for the hashi's antibodies tests. This is what i would do.

  • Thanks faith. I do not have enough money to buy t3 for a couple of weeks, on a very low income but do you know where I could get some.

  • i have found a source and i will order and see if they are legitimate. Then let you know..Inexpensive too. Do you have trouble getting packages from overseas? I am in the US, so i don't know what happens in your customs dept. I will have to pm you..

  • Thanks.It is best to only order small amount from abroad as there is a custom charge and it often gets past customs if it is a small amount. Thanks for your help

  • you have to find the cause , but there are so many, that it is nearly impossible and very time consuming. including significant stress, depression, a history of dieting, insulin resistance, obesity, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseases, chronic inflammation, chronic infections, PMS, iron deficiency, and many more. Any one of these issues could cause a patient to have too much RT3 or an improper T3/RT3 ratio.

  • I've had a few boils recently on my body. Much like teenage spots on the face, but the ball of hard pus underneath about 10x the size. I doubled my dose of vit C from 2g to 4g for several weeks over Nov and Dec, and they started to shrink and seemed to be gone. When I returned to my usual dose they came back full force!

  • Thanks, I only take food sourced vitamin c and its expensive but I am due to order some more so will increase my dose.

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