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No clue about thyroid

Hi I'm on 175 mg of thyroxine and have been for a couple of years I don't really like my doctor she's quite new to me says my levels are fine after blood tests haven't really discussed it with her she's more concerned of how fat I am and I need to help myself she tried to lower my dosage to 150 mg which I had to do but after a week or so I noticed I was feeling worse so went back and got an app with another doctor who just upped the dosage again for me silly really I avoid her and have tried to change but the 2 I chose one was retiring early and gone other already had 2 many patients. I would like ways to help myself as I don't have any hope in the doctors at my surgery thanks for listening X

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Do you have recent tests with ranges that you can post?


No I avoid my doctor at the mo but I will get results thank you


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