should i just go for it?

iam still debating on whether or not i should have this thyroid scan done . my gp is very much against it and iam begining to feel like a drama queen. if i go ahead and have it done and nothing shows up shes bound to say 'well i told you so' and if (and its a very small if) the worse scenario happened as it did with a relative of mine (nodules were growing towards her collar bone shes since had partial thyroidectomy) how would i convince her i was right all along that something didnt feel right.

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  • The most difficult situation would appear to be if you DON'T go ahead with it - then in a few weeks, months or even years you realise that you really do want/need a scan. Imagine the comments as you ask for that scan (even if you only hear them in your own mind, and even if you do properly cancel) "Well last time, you didn't even turn up for the scan!"

    Relax. Go for it. You are a patient and shouldn't be expected to know whether or not you need one. You have presented your evidence and the doctor has booked a scan.

  • thanks helvella its a private practice but a small price to pay for health. i did tried to explain to her although i am a nurse i am also human and nurses also get sick if anything were more prone to sickness as we come into contact with illnesses such as mrsa, cdiff,tb to mention just a few.

  • Joyce59, have the scan to allay your own anxieties. As it is a private scan you may be able to withold consent for the information to be sent to your GP if there is nothing untoward. If there is something awry the scan will speak for itself and you won't need to convince your GP of anything.

  • thanks clutter.

  • Put your mind at rest. It's your thyroid gland not the doctor's. I am sure she would have the same done if she was suffering.

  • I live in Crete and from what I can see - a scan is part of the thyroid diagnosis. So go for it - there's no discomfort or pain. My TFT's were in range - anti-bodies high - and the scan revealed nodules. So treatment began !

  • what sort of treatment were you given for the nodules marz?

  • I started on Levo as I have Hashimotos - this was back in 2005. Now T3 only and doing fine I think :-)

  • Is this an ultrasound you want, or tomography? Because an ultrasound is cheap, non invasive,and probably the best option to see your thyroid anyway.

    I can't understand why your gp hadn't already sent you for this. But if you need to go private, then it's worth it for the information to you.

  • she seems to think iam sub-clinical but i think iam full blown. she also said it would be a waste of national heealth money as they would find nothing there in her opinion. if i go private i would need a letter from her in order to claim back the costs but she again refused for the same reason. however ive since spoke to the practice manager who has booked me with another doctor for a second opinion so fingers crossed.

  • It's not 'national health' money, it's the money of the people that have paid in part of their salary ever since they started working! You're entitled to some of it back if you are ill. And you live in your body, not your doctor, you are better able to tell if something isn't quite right. I Don't think she has any right to talk to you like that. And if it were me, I would have given her a mouthful in return!

    And she is way out of order refusing to give you a referal when it's your money you're spending by going private! I'm glad you saw someone else with more sense!

    Good luck with the scan! :)

  • i did tell her ive worked for the NHS for over 20 years 13 of them in nursing ive often been exposed to radiation too so if that is the cause of why iam ill (me and 2 other ladies used to clean near the radiation room where thyroid cancer patients get their RAI treatment strange we all now have hashis). so it could mean the NSH were responsible for me having a thyroid problem but now wont let me have a scan to see for my-self the damage its done :-(

  • Disgusting treatment! You would think they would at least look after their own!

  • If there is nothing then you smartly say, 'well that's ruled out!'

  • Hi Joy, I insisted on a Thyroid scan and had one early August. It almost looked like a heavily bashed up steak! With one 'tunnel looking, like' structure larger than the other small one. The radiologist told my me my thyroid was 'kaput' effectively, so I just keep taking my Levo, going on my blood test results for TSH and more recently both Free T3&FreeT4, plus other tests recommended on here T3 little Higher, T4 little lower than should be both by .02 only, so Doc has upped my Levo. Next blood test due 14/15 Jan. So I will wait and watch.

    For yourself, as the others have said GO FOR IT, have the scan.

  • Mine looked like a shrivelled walnut! With loads of nodules. Typical Hashi's.

  • Mine was certainly shrivelled I.e flattened & dried out, but wide, rather than long! Never had seen my thyroid at all before August, and only similiar looking ones on Internet, for comparison except one large tunnel and one small on mine, don't know if they are nodules or not! My Doctor made no comment at all on it in Aug neither did the Thyro consult! That's why I went with what radiologist said. kaput, do you think I am correct from my descriptions of mine? Lol

  • I was choking for a year, terrible hyper symptoms and my Thyroid Scan showed a perfect, small, normal thyroid! We were all shocked! I think i was having Esophageal Spasm, due to being over medicated at the time. I never went back to the doctor again..that was the Summer of 2014.

  • Demand the scan if for no other reason than to put your mind at ease. My Dr is also the "No" type and it does my head in no end including raising my anxiety to almost unmanageable levels. I suspect that if some of these GP's had the same issues they'd be demanding every test there is on themselves. Meh ...😡

  • iam very anxious at the moment liz ive rang the practice manager who said i could see another dr for a 2cd opinion she was very nice about it in fact unlike the gp who was rude.

  • I don't know what it is about ignorant GP's but based on extensive personal experience and what I've read on this site, their rudeness seems to be the norm rather than the exception unfortunately.

    Maybe they're overworked. Maybe it's this or maybe it's that. Who knows and what's more who cares. All I know is that all patients deserve to be treated with respect at all times. Patients have voices that need to be heard. So then, put your anxiety to one side if only for a moment and politely make it VERY clear what it is that you need. Don't ask them darlin'. TELL them. You'll find it hugely personall empowering.

    I sincerely do hope that this new GP will be much more helpfull than the other one. Please do keep us posted if that's okay. We're here to support and encourage ☺

    Thinking of you x

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