I think I should go

I think the best thing for me is to leave, I've clearly frustrated people who have been trying to reply to posts I thought would not be replied to anymore or were answerable. I'm very sorry to anyone about this, I did not mean to do it.

I'm very worried as to why I still feel so bad and even more so since I show no outward signs of being hypothyroid. I go through each day and think "I'm only kidding myself, I look this good, how can I be ill? It's not right."

Boyfriend tells me I look fine.

Family tell me I look fine.

Mum and stepdad tell me they're proud of me.

What have they got to be proud of?

Jo xxx

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  • Hi

    Don't go - there's probably just been some misunderstanding or other. It's hard for everyone to communicate over the internet sometimes but I'm sure everyone wants the best for you and wants you to feel better.

    I know in my case it took some time as I didn't feel well (ever) on thyroxine and then went through a long journey starting on NDT. I'd imagine if you're only newly treated then it may take time - plus you have other things going on too (iron?).

    It can be really hard for family members to understand this disease as we look well "on the outside" but feel bad on the inside. Sometimes I think it would be easier to have a broken leg as it's something people can actually "see". At least on this forum everyone else understands why you feel pants and you don't have to "prove" it to anyone.

    I hope you stick around.

    J xxx

  • There's no reason for you to go, Jo and I hope you won't. Its okay to delete posts that have no responses, but it is irritating when one has taken time to respond and others who do not post may benefit from the information and links posted.

    Be glad you look good and given some time you'll hopefully feel good too. You KNOW that you don't have to look like you're dying to feel dreadful.

    At the moment you need to build your health with your meds, supplements, good diet, sleep and when you're up to it, exercise. As you do this your confidence will grow too. You're coping with a chronic illness, why shouldn't your mother and stepfather be proud of you? Give yourself a break and be kind to yourself x

  • Can someone dig out the spoon theory and post it here please? That might be appropriate.

  • Uh pardon my ignorance but what's the spoon theory?

    Jo ditto all the above comments......I was 27 and skinny as when first diagnosed. Take care

    Jayne xx

  • The Spoon Theory

    by Christine Miserandino butyoudontlooksick.com

    My best friend and I were in the diner, talking. As usual, it was very late and we were eating French fries with gravy. Like normal girls our age, we spent a lot of time in the diner while in college, and most of the time we spent talking about boys, music or trivial things, that seemed very important at the time. We never got serious about anything in particular and spent most of our time laughing.

    As I went to take some of my medicine with a snack as I usually did, she watched me with an awkward kind of stare, instead of continuing the conversation. She then asked me out of the blue what it felt like to have Lupus and be sick. I was shocked not only because she asked the random question, but also because I assumed she knew all there was to know about Lupus. She came to doctors with me, she saw me walk with a cane, and throw up in the bathroom. She had seen me cry in pain, what else was there to know?

    I started to ramble on about pills, and aches and pains, but she kept pursuing, and didn’t seem satisfied with my answers. I was a little surprised as being my roommate in college and friend for years; I thought she already knew the medical definition of Lupus. Then she looked at me with a face every sick person knows well, the face of pure curiosity about something no one healthy can truly understand. She asked what it felt like, not physically, but what it felt like to be me, to be sick.

    As I tried to gain my composure, I glanced around the table for help or guidance, or at least stall for time to think. I was trying to find the right words. How do I answer a question I never was able to answer for myself? How do I explain every detail of every day being effected, and give the emotions a sick person goes through with clarity. I could have given up, cracked a joke like I usually do, and changed the subject, but I remember thinking if I don’t try to explain this, how could I ever expect her to understand. If I can’t explain this to my best friend, how could I explain my world to anyone else? I had to at least try.

    - Read the rest at: butyoudontlooksick.com/wpre...

  • Thanks for posting this. Truly inspirational...

  • Ahh have heard something similar years ago. Spot on!! So beautifully expressd, thank you.

  • Hi,, I don't think I've replied to you before,, I've been hypo for 4 years now and too be honest I still hate it. Been such a learning curve and if it hadn't been for thyroid UK and this forum I'd prob still be stuck on the mega low dose my doc had me on and still have low vitamin d levels cos that's ok too apparently. (Not !)I was always ill and low mood. It takes time, also need to learn to go easy on yourself,, lol i find that part hard,, perhaps look to see if there's a support group in your area . Plus if you haven't already,, do speak to the team at thyroid UK. Plus look at website, lot of great info on there. Take care ,, Ian

  • I hope someone can did the spoon theory Jo. Its an excellent way to explain why you can't be all sing, all dancing everyday. Depending on the level of your health is about balance and keeping something in reserve for that difficult period on the horizon. We have to be aware of our limitations and also be able to explain that to others so that they can try to understand how difficult we find life at times. Sometimes people tell you you look fine to give you a boost or they have noticed that you are coping better than last week or whatever. They are not saying you are necessarily perfect, I don't think anyone ever is so it can be a 'throwaway comment' of well meaning friends trying to pep you up a bit. Keep posting Jo, there will always be someone to encourage and help you as we have all had such thoughts at one time so we understand. Its always good to talk and listen as well.

  • Thanks Silverfox.

    I want to stay on here.

    Jo xxx

  • Karisma


    i once told my husband that and have bitten those words ever since because he was truly ill but idiot medics failed to see it

    as said elsewhere

    please start from scratch with all your symptoms and your results and what meds your on and we will help you

  • Hi Reallyfedup,

    Would you like me to post these up on the Questions site?


    Jo xxx

  • Hi Jo - I've only just seen this and your other post about leaving, and I'm sooooo glad you've decided to stay here. I, too, have Hashimoto's symptoms - though I'm undiagnosed and untreated as the docs won't take any notice. It's so frustrating, and I've certainly felt like I'm a hypochondriac at times. That's the way the doctors especially make me feel.

    I've found this forum to be so supportive and helpful. I'm determined to take control of my health and not let the stupid doctors win. I hope you'll stay and do the same. :-)

    And, yes, I think if you post all your results as a new question that will be very helpful. I know when I did that I got lots of really useful help and information from people here.

  • Hi Caroline!! Thanks for your reply.

    Yes, I'm not going anywhere just yet. I just feel very alone with this especially since my family have been sticking by me when I've had other medical problems - but since I've been diagnosed with Hashi's they've taken a step back and haven't really helped me that much. :(

    The post regarding all the results and symptoms etc is now up. :)

    Jo xxx

  • You can be proud of the fact that you are coping....I realy hope you will eventualy get the help you need, our looks rarely pity us X

  • It is a long and painfully slow journey to get well when you are hypo... It's a struggle to get diagnosed and then there's no quick fix to get well. It takes years. It took me 2 years to get to the correct dosage on Levo to a point when I felt (nearly) normal but in truth was only functioning. Sure, I looked fine - had lost a load of weight, could go to work and do the shopping etc - but as with the spoon theory, had not one ounce of extra energy to do any fun things, or exercise, or even go for a drink with friends after work. I just wanted to come home, put on cozy pjs and vegetate! .. And then my GP lowered the dosage of Levo... Weight gain, aches and pains, hair loss, sex hormone imbalance, inability to cope with even the slightest stress in life - all came creeping back. And one still 'looks' okay. You are not a hypochondriac and we all can empathise as we've been there too. Okay everyone's experience is a bit different, but we understand. I ended up getting divorced coz my husband just couldn't 'get it' and I got to feeling utterly helpless to be the person he wanted me to be. I also left my job which was too stressful. It's hard being hypo! But there is light at the end of the tunnel. With the right treatment it IS possible to get your life back. I'm now on NDT and taking the right supplements and things are SO MUCH better. I hope you don't leave and don't give up... We all deserve a full life - not just half a life.

  • Let me add my voice. Don't go. We have to support each other.

  • Hi, I've decided to stay. :) Thanks for your reply. Jo xxx

  • There was a young lady called Jo

    Who asked us all if she should go

    To help her decided

    At least 16 replied

    And the answer? A very loud NO.

    Not trying to be flippant, just raise a little smile

    Love, archpoet

  • That certainly did raise a smile Archpoet. Very creative!!! Jo xxx

  • Karisma

    post everything on the forum so we can all offer ideas to help or if you prefer simply send it all to me via PM

    take your time and just work through from the start with all your symptoms and test results plus any diseases in the wider familiy is always helpful too

  • Hi Reallyfedup, the post is up if you want to see it.



  • Karisma, hang in there and remember you are not on your own. Keep posting as there are many who are so knowledgeable. I am not one of them but I am also a fellow sufferer of this awful illness who just wants to support you and help you cope with your bad feelings today. Sending a gentle hug right now, and hoping you will be less fed up very soon. xxx

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