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SERIOUS Experiment: Can EVERYBODY following this site, all over the globe help me 2 help somebody else with focused thought & meditation!

Where do I begin??

I was given a book to read and in short was very impressed and very excited about the possibilities.

I did not allow myself to be put off by the cover as its choice of image is not a good one, but the contents is dynamite.

I must now read it again...

I have put its advice into practice again and again and it works. Being of a very reflective nature I like to evaluate and seriously decide if I think something is good or not and I think there is definitely something that will benefit us all. I say WILL as I urge people everywhere to obtain a copy and take it in.

The possibilities are quite awe-inspiring.

The book is called:

The Genie in our Genes by Dawson Church; my edition is published by Cygnus Books

This book cover many things- including cortisol issues, stress, aging, mental attitude, DNA, geentics etc, etc. Its a must read for everybody who frequents this wonderful site.

This book as it says, could not have been written 10 years ago. Its so very cutting-edge.

It explains for the layperson something what is in fact a quiet revolution; The Science of Epigenetics.

It will be the the new science of the 21st Century.

It concerns Epigenetic Medicine and the New Biology of Intention.

It is this awakening of ideas that has prompted me to ask something of everybody who follows this site.

Its an experiment.

Mass Meditation!

I want us to be global.

Something like this is discussed in the book.

I have tried it on a small scale, on my own and have made it please lets all try, Its so very simple.

Being as ill as many of us are, focusing the mind is not always easy as I have found myself.

But I think we can all but try.

Here in the UK we are lucky enough to have a wonderful, mature (as I do not like the work elderly) gentleman called Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield , often referred to simply as Dr P. As many of you will know he has not been well.

The message left on the office answering phone was that he was possibly going to have to have 'some operations'.

This man has a lifetime of experience within his field of treating thyroid. He is the kindest, most caring, genuinely concerned doctor I have ever met. He does so much for all of us that I would like all of us to do something for him.

I would like everybody to do what I myself have been doing every day, for the last few weeks since I heard he was ill. I would like us all to MASS MEDITATE please.

It is fully detailed and documented in the book I have mentioned, so that is where I got the idea from.

I think of him throughout the day: and when I wake in the morning I practice breathing exercises while still in bed...and then the last thing I think of before I fall asleep, is Dr Peatfiled, getting well again and sitting in his little consulting room, and carrying on as he was before. Smiling and filling the room with his boundless enthusiasm and strength of character, fit and well.

Everything we do in life, we should try to do 'with love and intent' in so doing we achieve so much more and overcome what others feel is insurmountable. The power of thought and positive thinking is everything.

If you would all like to help me and think positive, focused thoughts for his recovery and if you wanted to help yourselves by finding a copy of this book and reading it for its benefits, you would all benefit immensely from the empowerment.

Please help me:

This is how I set the scene for my mind's eye. You do not need to know him personally, just think of the image I will describe and keep his name in your minds.

His little office located in Crawley in England, near Gatwick airport; it sits on a little suburban street, near a chemist on the corner. When you go up the two narrow little flights of stairs, you are immediately struck by the feeling of positivity, of 'coming home' of being comfortable... as you walk up the carpeted stairs, you pass the little office on the right which is lovely and airy. There are two lovely, inviting sofas, all squishy and comfortable to sink into. Once welcomed, you are invited to go into Dr Peatfield's consulting room. The floor is carpeted with a lovely quality thick, dense, cream colour wool carpet that cushions your feet. It is an inviting little room; there are beautiful architectural engravings on the wall and a beautiful little 19th Century oil painting of an English country landscape in a beautiful gold frame. The room it comfortable and cosy- you are immediately put at ease. Dr Peatfield sits with his hands inter-linked reading your notes; he immediately gets up to shake your hand, welcomes you and asks you to take a seat. He asks you how you are feeling and listens. He is caring and attentive and explains his plan of campaign, he fills you with confidence that you can and will get better- that eventually you will know far more about your condition that your own GP! He helps you to believe that you can and will overcome...

He is such a wonderfully knowledgeable man and is so very caring and sincere- please let us all, whoever, we are, wherever we, 'Tous ensemble'.....'Todos, en todo el mundo'.....'Tutti insieme, da tutte le parti'.... 'Tothom, a per tot!' ...Everybody, set aside a few moments, visualise, take part in this mass experiment, prove the the power of the mind across distance, help him to heal.

Visualise him getting better.

'See' him sitting at his desk in his office... Focus on him. It will work.

He is already a little better as I have heard from his secretary - so we must now, all please, all together help him get even better and back to health.

Thank-you to Everybody.

With much Love & Intent to all, everywhere on this wonderful Earth,

Poppy x

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You are such a caring and loving person wanting to be positive about seeing Dr. P get well again. I hope he does, we need these knowledgeable and caring doctors. They are the cream of all medical persons.

Well my dear I for one will pray for Dr. P as I am a Christian and believe in the power of prayer.

But whatever we do individually as long as it is positive I'm sure it will bring the good results.

God bless you,



Even reading his book helped me, so I will certainly give it a go. :-)


Hi Poppy-the-cat, just found this interview with the author on youtube, where he explains what the book is about - looks very interesting.

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