Well...interesting stuff! my endo says " your results are sky high!" your t3 is over 10, well above the normal range! your taking too much"

according to nhs scales I am 16 stone 3 according to slimming world scales I am 15 stone 13 according to boots I am 16 stone 1....I got my period too so maybe I am a little bloated I guess!

today I had High blood pressure racing heart and feeling tired exhausted etc. I have gained weight according to endo slightly!

my endo says your results are sky High! your taking way too much t3! your t3 results are over 10 now.carry on the way your going with this dose and your going to experience bone and heart problems!

I am taking 85 mg and been told to reduce to 60 but he wants me to aim for 40mg.

Is this good or bad?

that's two decreases in 6 month! I was on 90 mg of t3 and reduced to 85mg now 60 mg with the aim of 40mg!

I really hope that I come off them!

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  • whineandiodinewithme, Taking T3 prior to a thyroid test will give a false high FT3 result as the T3 peaks in your serum. If you left more than 12 hours between last dose and blood draw you are overmedicated. Reducing dose to 60mcg should be ample to bring FT3 within range. I really can't figure out why your endo is targetting 40mcg. As long as your FT3 is within range on 60mcg that's fine.


    I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

  • my blood test was taken on the 27th of November. my endo saw my results and said no need to take a blood test! you had yours done three weeks ago. I never took any t3 at the time of test either. He says I am not surprised you got High blood pressure and feeling the way you are!

    his nurse took my blood pressure and weight.

    he checked my thyroid by feeling around it and checking my pulse. he says decrease your dose tomorrow.

  • I just saw my endo on the 14 th of December 2015.

  • well the Tories are having a go at Scotland spending 300 pounds per person per family on free prescriptions! no idea if that has something to do with it and maybe they are trying to cut cost? who knows!

  • As Clutter says ' did you leave more than 12 hours between last dose and blood draw'.

    Did you have the earliest possible blood test and fast (although you can drink water).

    Your endocrinologist might be looking at the cost of T3 and that may be the real reason for reducing.

  • well usually I get my blood test about 8:30 am I drink water and before I roll out of bed and over to the doctors office which is 5 mins walk down the Road from my house. I don't take any thyroid medications when getting my bloods done.

    my t3 tablets are taken before 6pm. so well over 12 hours before taking bloods.

    then after that I take my t3

  • 8:30 is when my g.p practice is open

  • Before the blood tests were introduced, we were given NDT until we were well (no synthetic hormones). No adjustments were necessary except:-

    1. Patient was still complaining of symptoms - addition of NDT.

    2. Patient was feeling they had hyperactive symptoms, i.e. fast heart beat etc. - reduction of NDT.

    Much easier all round.

    I always leave 24 hours between dose of T3 and test.

    p.s. I forgot to add that one day I forgot and took T3 before test and GP was horrified but before he said anything I said I made a mistake and please let me have another. So he did and this time, just to make sure, I missed one day and day of test, as usual waited until after it. He was happy, I was relieved and happy and well.

  • We don't get free prescriptions in England.

    The Scottish parliament is in charge of prescription costs, not the national government, so if you have a cap, it is down to the SNP.

  • correct and the Tory lot and associates want to cut Scotland's budget and attack the Scottish nhs and the nhs budget! ...total nonsense!

  • Oh come on! I have to Google when someone writes kg, so I know how many pounds they are. If I try to convert stone, my ipad will explode.

  • 1 stone is 6.3 kg

  • You just couldn't translate it into pounds for me, could ya?

  • Type "13 stone 6 lb in lb" into a Google search box. That will convert it for you.

  • 20 pounds is 1 stone

  • sorry 14 pounds bloody typo lol

    is one stone

  • I was just being a pain.

  • This is one of the things I do not get. Some say keep increasing the dose until you feel better, others say oh dear you are taking too much. Leaflets say that we are on too high a dose if we get insomnia or feel too warm. Well surely if we are not feeling too warm and not getting insomnia and feeling well then the dose suits us.

  • Well, you can't get it from this post, because she does not say how she feels, and she doesn't give us the range for the FT3.

    But taking too much is going to make you feel as bad as taking too little. You need the right dose for you.

    The problems with endos and doctors is that they are terrified of a suppressed TSH. If your TSH is suppressed, most of them are going to want you to reduce your dose no matter how you feel. And there in lies the dilemma!

    What you have to remember is that the vaste majority of the medical profession knows nothing about thyroid - not even endos. Endos are supposed to be hormone specialists, but all they really know about is insulin and diabètes. And the rest, they just make up as they go along.

    Which is why so many people end up self-treating so that they can take enough of their thyroid hormone replacement of choice, to make them feel well without some so-called 'specialist' freaking out about their TSH. Been there, done that...

  • join the club I am still learning too.

  • Catch me up. Are you hypo or hyper? You sound Hyper to me.

  • very hyper my ft3 normal range is 5 to 6.9 the test I got in November I got my results done before taking t3 at g.p . it's 10.7 . endo never took a blood test and said that test was three weeks ago so you carry on taking 85 mg and you will end up having a thyroid storm and heart and bone problems! your ok just now. just take 60 just now! I feel Insomnia fluttering heart sensation light headed and just nuts. also had High blood pressure. endo told me not to skip dose but I ended up in my bed sleepin all day and awake at night so eek missed taking my dose. so taking another 20 in the morning 20 in the afternoon then 20 in the evening as of today and see how that goes.

    right now it's 3:05 am and I feel nuts and got this light numbness on my right foot!

    my good friend is getting me some Charlottes web c.b.d oil 1500mg which is bloody expensive and legal in the Uk too. I just hope to become drug free and better!

    will it be ok to take my morning dose of t3 just now at now 03:09 am

  • I was diagnosed as having hypothyroidism

  • Personally, I have no problem going off meds that I don't agree with, or seem to be causing a problem. Even if the tests were 3 weeks ago, that should be fine, and that is better than the apparent nothing your doctor did after that.

    Your symptoms sound exactly like my hyperthyroidism, right down to the HBP. If you are hyper, then taking hypo drugs are a bad idea.

    This is what I would do. I would take the drug every other day for 2 weeks, then every third day for a week, then nothing for about a month. I would then go to another doctor and get my blood tested. You might be hyper, you might be hypo, you might be fine, but you won't really know until the drugs are out of your system.

    I know some people have a real problem with not obeying doctor's orders where meds are concerned, and that is fine too. Either way, I would get a second and third opinion.

  • ok? interesting! I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism because my tsh has slightly increased from 0.01 to 0.03 :/ and lets say my weight has increased according to endo..could this be hashimotos or just simply taking too much thyroid medications?....I can't change doctors sadly stuck in a post code lottery! been there and tried! bloody sucks! already I have complaints in place against specialists! so I am going around in circles just now and I can't exactly up sticks and go either...pardon me for saying this I am getting really exhausted with all this mess!

    well I took 20 mg of t3 at 4 am.....ffff I am rattling!

    according to my home scales I am 15 stone 8 right now.....sigh! lol

    I am sitting here wondering if I should trust doctors and specialist opinions or are they simply wanting to kill me off? this is where the mind baffles ....

    my endo said it will take a few weeks to calm down so just take dose I told you and you will be fine after a few weeks.....I have been hyper before and reduced medications and my levels calmed down and I was puffing green and on slimming world and hypo diet. one month after I lost a stone then the following month another stone!

    then a few pounds here and there!

    ffffff I feel mental and light headed

  • 20mcg of T3 is equal to about 60mcg of levo. Not too high. Did they test your antibodies which would prove you have hashimoto's (Autoimmune Thyroid Disease) then antibodies will wax and wane and sometimes when too much is in your system you will feel hyper for that period.

  • both endo and doctor told me you don't have hashimotos you just have hypothyroidism.

  • So, I assume you've never had your antibodies tested to confirm or having antibodies are irrelevant?

  • Correct not had one checked yet and will do later.

  • Copy and paste the following (from above) into a new post to clarify what members think of your blood test result - it doesn't sound hypo but hyper. I may be wrong. 2Old thought your symptoms were like hers - hyper.

    I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism because my tsh has slightly increased from 0.01 to 0.03 :/

  • ouch no worries. I was going hyper thyroid but was diagnosed before as having hypothyroidism.

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