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Question again

Hello I've been prescribed ferrous gluconate 130mg but it cant be given by any pharmacy near me and no doctors appointments till 13th January so I'm here too ask what vegetarian friendly iron can people suggest that will help bring up my ferritin from 8 please ive already been suggested solgar gentle iron but will it be enough too bring up my levels?

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Nettiboo1982, Have you tried larger pharmacies like Boots and Lloyds? If they can't fill your prescription you can buy ferrous gluconate online


why not eat loads of watercress and spinach ...uncooked of course in a salad

mind you meat sources of iron are far better absorbed so being vegan is not helping you at all

have you checked blue bonnet chelated iron


If you have your paper prescription, you could investigate the numerous on-line pharmacies. The NHS lists many here:

However, it looks as though there is only one UK supplier of ferrous gluconate - Kent Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (Could be more - but this is the only one on EMC.) Furthermore, there is only one dosage listed on both EMC and BNF.

Ferrous Gluconate (Non-proprietary)

Tablets, red, coated, ferrous gluconate 300 mg (35 mg iron), net price 28 = £1.95

Dose prophylactic, 2 tablets daily before food; therapeutic, 4–6 tablets daily in divided doses before food; CHILD 6–12 years, prophylactic and therapeutic, 1–3 tablets daily

Perhaps the issue is that your doctor has prescribed a medicine that is difficult or impossible to obtain - or simply does not even exist?


Clutter thank you very much for that I had ordered bluebonnet chelated iron 27mg which is ferrous bis how ever its spelt lol. Do you have any idea how many I could take there 27mg


Nettiboo, I don't know. Follow the direction on the patient information leaflet.


More information readily available if you go to the standard version of that link (rather than the "mobile friendly" one):


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