My nails are now strong and not flaky, my hairdresser says my hair is thicker and healthier and I have lost 13 pounds in a month without dieting. I am still a bit tired and brain foggy but I am definitely getting better thanks to this forum, Also the climate conference went well in Paris. Definitely in a good mood.

I am on Nax, vitamin d, a food sourced vit c and nature thyroid and ashwangana.

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  • Great news and well done....what is NAX?

  • It is in my Abbreviations & Acronyms document:

    Nutri-Adrenal Extra

  • That doc. Must have taken some time to put together. Extremely useful especially on this site.

  • Congratulations and how much better we feel when we have the right meds or combination.

  • Brilliant news. So pleased you're feeling much better & on the right route for you back to health😊😊

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