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24 Hour Saliva Cortisol Test. Stop Dosing?

Hello. Question please, I hope it's not too stupid. I'm ready to take another 4 sample saliva cortisol test. I'm currently on 100mcg levo in the AM, and 50mcg T3, divided into 2 doses..Since T3 raises cortisol, I think I'm supposed to refrain from taking thyroid meds prior to the test, right? (Especially since the T3 pills tend to crumble, so I bite the dose and dissolve it on my tongue). And for how many days prior please? But here's what makes me wonder. It doesn't matter what my doctor thinks.... Seems like maybe I would want to get kind of a snapshot of my levels at the time I'm feeling the way I feel on a normal day. In that case, I'd dose as usual..Hmm? Separately, does the T3 actually contain cortisol? Because that would obviously contaminate the sample...Any thoughts will surely help. Advance thanks so much!

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I don't think you have to stop thyroid meds at all. But there are some meds and supplements which affect cortisol, and the suggestion has been made (on STTM) that people should stop taking those things for two weeks before saliva testing if you possibly can :

I've done saliva testing before, but have continued taking some of the things on the list because I'm simply not prepared to stop taking them for two weeks.


Oh! Thanks HB..I am taking DHEA..Glad you mentioned that...Thanks!!


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