Barrow Thyroid Support Group

Hi there, we are having an informal Barrow Thyroid Support Group meeting next Wednesday 16th December at 6.30pm in the lounge of the Victoria Tavern on Oxford Street, Barrow in Furness. Anyone with a thyroid problem, struggling to get a diagnosis or just needing advice on suspected thyroid symptoms, please do come along. We can share information to try to help each other get better .

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  • Hi Julie

    I hope this meeting goes well for you!


    If it turns out to be a regular thing, perhaps you would like to come onto our Support Network List. :)



  • Hi Louise, we've been meeting up for about a month now. I intend to continue. Looking for a nice private place to meet still. I would be happy to be added to your support network list in time. Thank you, Julie

  • I hope it continues to prosper. :)

    We can send you an info pack, some leaflets and some magazine back issues if you like for people to have a look at?



  • Hi Louise, thank you but I already have the info pack & leaflets. A lady who is running it with me requested them. I've not seen any magazine back issues however. I will check first if my friend has them to save you sending them out again. Thanks for your help, Julie

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