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my pulse is low 60's most of the time

does raise to 80 when i eat or with activity

last week it was at 80 at rest

50mcg T3 split in 2 doses (30mcg and 20mcg)

im thinking maybe adding another 10mcg to my second dose

normally my heart races when i need an increase

rememeber i was on 62.5mcg tiromel and endo put me on 40mcg liothyronine

im cold one minute and sweating the next

zero energy

due bloods in january

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In my completely unqualified opinion based on nothing more than personal experience, if it was me I'd assume I needed an increase. When hypo I also get palpitations/racing heart, but generally heart rate is low. Unless you're a superfit athlete this seems like a low pulse. Also the difficulty feeling comfortable (hot and cold) is a hypo symptom for me.

You can always try a little more t3 for second dose and see how you feel. How are you sleeping?


thank you

im far from athletic so deffinatly a hypo thing there

i think ill go for a 10mcg increase because im used to T3 anyway

my sleeping as actually gone down hill lately, i take 1mg melatonin a night or id be laying there all night, might try 1 1/2 melatonin as 2 made me feel awfull last time i tried


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