Why does it feel like my T3 stops working all the time?

I'm on T3 only. At the moment I take 60mcg. I started to feel better on 30mcg, but after a few weeks/a month my symptoms come back, so then I up the dose. Again I feel better for a while, then the hypo symptoms come back and I have to up the dose again. Hence I'm on 60mcg now, and again it feels like it's stopped working. Does this mean that I'm not on the right dose or something else?

The symptoms that come back are constipation and weight gain. My TSH is supressed and my T3 is above the range.

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  • Hi

    A friend and i have recently realised that upping our T3 wasn't the answer. I kept working up to 110mcg daily and my symptoms got worse! Aches, LW mood, worsen fatigue and zero libido. Since i have dropped back to 70 a day and I'm better on this dose. I'm looking to drop it further now- to see if that helps more.

    The moral of this little story: don't always think more is the answer :0)


  • The same is happening to me. I am now taking 80 t3 plus 25 t3 cytomel and am feeling that they aren't doing what they used to. I have tried cutting down but the worst symptom then is restless legs, which I cannot stand so have to up the meds again . I really don't know what to do.

    Jo xx

  • Hi Jo. It's really hard isn't it. I'm in the exact same boat. Have you had the salvia cortisol/dhea test done?

  • Hi Si. I feel good for 3 weeks or so and then get my hypo symptoms back. Did this happen to you or did you feel bad all the time?

  • Hi there. Yeah if I feel good it doesn't last for more than a few hours!! Lol never a few weeks! Can only dream of that!

  • As your T3 is above range and you still have hypo symptoms you may have Thyroid Hormone Resistance. If so you may need an even higher dose of T3.

  • Hi Sandy. Are you on T3 only too?

  • It is my son who is on T3. He takes a single daily dose of 200 mcg T3, which he takes in the morning an hour before eating, chewing the tablets up to aid absorption.


  • 200mcg of T3?!?!? Are you sure thats T3?!

  • Yes it is 200 mcg of T3. My son has Thyroid Hormone Resistance and for him it takes this level to work.

  • Do you buy his T3 privately? I'm on 60 and I don't know if I'll be able to get more on the NHS

  • We used to buy it from the USA but it was extremely expensive. We now get it from Mexico - good price and service.

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