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Results saliva test cortisol - DHEA

Hi all,

First post for me on this forum. I just did a cortisol + DHEA saliva test and received the results. Here are my results:

1st sample, morning: 20.11 mmol/L, range [7.45;32.56]. DHEA to cortisol ratio: 0.51, range [0.25;2.22]

2nd sample, mid day : 10.15 mmol/L, range [2.76;11.31]

3rd sample, late afternoon: 10.78mmol/L, range [1.38-7.45]. DHEA to cortisol ratio: 0.25, range [0.25;2.22]

4th sample, late nite (midnight) : 3.18mmol/L, [0.83;3.86]

It appears that the mid day and late nite sample are close from being out of range and the late afternoon sample is out of range. My DHEA to Cortisol ratio also seems to be on the lower side for third sample.

Here are my questions: What could I do to lower my cortisol during the day? I have heard about a supplement called Cortisol Manager, based on Ashwagandha roots, L Theanine and magnolia bark extract, which seems to be quite efficient to reduce cortisol level during the day.

Also, I do wake up a few times during the night, with difficulties to go back to sleep. I suspect peaks of cortisol during the night, even though I havent had any nightime saliva sample analysed.

Do you guys think it might be due to cortisol peaks? In that case, is a supplement like Cortisol Manager susceptible to help?

Thanks in advance for your answers


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Welcome to the forum, Lucid_dreamer_.

I'm sorry you've had no replies. It's not something I can answer so please feel free to repost your questions.


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