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Occupational health

Just to let everyone know that occupational health has reported that this chronic illness is for life & needs to be controlled by medication.. He has also written that our symptoms come under the equality act 2010 & gives us some protection from our employers reprimanding us for higher abscence & lower productivity levels.. He also explains although I am well now but anything can change at any time.. He also explained that we are more suseptable to any viruses & getting back to health takes longer.. i am delighted to say the least! :)

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Sounds positive, Rudegirl. I hope he's supportive if your employer doesn't make reasonable adjustments.


I actually don't need any adjustments, but if i do later I'll be right in there like a whippet!!


I saw a very good OH recently..I am on a stage 1 warning...her recommendations were to extend trigger point absences...we are allowed 6 per manager has spoken to HR and they are allowing me three days in the next six months sick's scary but I guess I should be grateful.

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I'm only allowed 2 & the 3rd I'm off the sick pay scheme for 18 months.. Duno how my work place will respond to this equality act, that's there problem now!


Goodness how worrying for you on top of health issues!, I really hope you are well supported!!!


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