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Hi all just been to occupational health today in Edinburgh .. The guy was absolutely fantastic, he was very clued up on thyroid disease.. he will be explaining that I will have more absences due to hypothyroidism & all the complications & symptoms that come with it.. From pain to exhaustion & cannot be compared to any other sufferer as we all suffer differently as individuals.. He has also said that hypothyroidism is a chronic disease with no cure, but can be managed with the CORRECT medication... Feel like I've just stuck my fingers up to my pompous young know it all boss.. Btw these were historic absences, I was absent with a torn shoulder which happened due to work in July.. I've had no thyroid illness since starting NDT in February!

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  • Rudegirl, two positives there, Occy Health being understanding, and feeling well enough on NDT not to have thyroid absence since Feb :)

  • If only there were more like him

  • First, that's great news that the man knew all about thyroid disease complications. He has to either have it himself or a close relative or else he's studied the subject far more than UK Endocrinologists. :)

    Best of all he was very reassuring to you which is worth it's weight in gold.

    Next, your success with NDT which the BTA have made False Statements about and will not change their stance, so the suffering continues and continues for many, some for their whole lifetime and they might be lucky to avoid other more serious illnesses because their dose of levo might only keep their TSH somewhere 'in range'. Many are forced to purchase NDT it themselves.

    Maybe the person you spoke to might like to read the following in case he has another person who is having problems with levo.


  • He said he actually had a case of someone being sent to himself for depression & absence.. He knew there was more to it, asked her to get blood done.. Turned out she was hypothyroid & not depressed... He actually does believe in administering unlicensed drugs to patients who need them!

  • You are very fortunate and a pity more aren't like him.

  • I think Occupational Healthers are v often ace, it is a much misunderstood speciality, dismissed by many, but it seems to attract some very bright and empathetic individuals.

  • I recently attended Occ Health as I have been off work since March 2015 - I have Graves Disease, Thyroid Eye Disease and Anxiety and Depression ( a significant part caused by treatment at work ). The Occ Health Doctor knew nothing about my case and was totally unsympathetic and basically said I was unfit for work but that I needed to have an options meeting with my employer and she didn't want to see me again. I feel that I am left in limbo - not sure what is going to happen next but dreading the meeting with my employer. Feeling worthless as far as my job is concerned and all my confidence has gone. Unable to read, drive or use my eyes for prolonged period of time due to the eye disease. Graves not under control yet either. Fed up and just want my old self back !

  • I feel for you AL14 I have the same problem. I was off work for 12 months before my employer sent me to Occ Health, the Occ Health Doctor said she could see me back at work after another 12 months in which time I would have had my eye operations Orbital Decompression, my employers decided to finish me before the 12 months so they didn't have to finish me on ill health. I had worked for them for 36 years this caused more stress for me which they didn't care. I spoke to ACAS and solicitors and was told they can do this on capability grounds, when I ended up going to see a solicitor he said we can fight this on discrimination because of your eyes which would be classed as a disability act, I was to ill to go ahead with it. My employers finished me in August this year, its all wrong. I still have another 3 eye operations to go. Have Graves Disease and TED.

  • I am so sorry that you lost your job - I hope that I may get ill health but if not I am trying to get my employer to keep my job open for me until I am fit for work again but I think they will try to dismiss me on capability grounds. This condition affects your life in so many ways.Hope you feel better soon.

  • How can I get NDT ? Live in Newcastle area

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