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Do I need more T4?

Hi guys. I am due to see my endo on 2nd december. Had recently been at gp with hypoglycemia type symptoms and had all my bloods checked.. he doesnt want to change any meds till ive seen endo. Last few days ive had whole body aches upon wakening and stif swollen fingers...all symptoms I had in the beginning before meds were upped. Latest results were:-

FT4 10

FT3 4.6

TSH less than 0.1

I believe my FT4 has come down due to now being on T3 (I take 100 T4 and 40 T3) but has it gone too low? I had hypoglycemia symptoms prior to T3 so dont think thats cause but now more concerned with the aches in legs feet and hands again?! Grateful for any advice. TIA xx

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Providing ranges with the test results will enable members to give a more informed answer.



FT4 range is 9-24. FT3 im not a 100% sure on but top end is 6 i think. TSH is 0.5-5 I think. Thanks x


The body is not going to keep more T4 sloshing around than it needs. And if you're taking all that T3, it doesn't need anymore. If the top of the range for FT3 is 6, then yours is pretty low. Especially for someone taking 40 mcg. Maybe you should look into absorption issues.


I am actually wondering if I have an adrenal problem I read this can cause low blood sugars too. I was feeling good till not so long ago apart from the blood sugar but the aches are now worrying me. Dont really know what next step is xx


It could be low cortisol. But what you need for that is a 24 hour saliva test - the NHS will only do a serum blood test once in the day - and not always at the right time! So, it would have to be private. You'll find détails of private tests on the main page of TUK. Sorry, Don't have a link.


Thank you. Will speak with endo but looking like that test might be next step! Xx


Aches and pains sometimes improve if you take Vitamin D.


I already take a high dose of vitd. Not quite sure whats up x


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