TSH higher after Levo increased

TSH on 11/09/2015 2.2 (0.2-4.5), my GP has just called to advise that my latest test on 06/11/2015 my TSH was 2.6??? How come after increasing Levo from 100 to 125 my TSH increases?

GP is referring me to Dr Alan Jaap - Endo at Spires so hopefully will get some answers.

What are your thoughts on how my TSH increased after my dose of Levothyroxine was increased.

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  • There is a margin of error on all measurements and from 2.6 to 2.2 is probably within that margin of error. It is probably dependent upon the calibration of the machine they used to get the result. I would not take this seriously.

    If you measured TSH three times in one day you would probably get three slightly different results. And your difference is slight.

  • Thanks for reply but still surprised that after seven weeks of increased dosage my tosh did not improve?

  • Sorry tsh not tosh

  • I personally would bump my dose up to 130mcgs, stay on that for 6 weeks, measure again (and take note of how you feel - better or worse) and keep going up until you feel well. If it goes up again at this higher dose - then that is very interesting, let us know what the Endo says about that.

    It is good that your doc realized that this looks like an anomaly and passed you on to an Endo.

  • Will keep you posted. I do feel a bit anxious as nothing seems to be improving my health 😕

  • Do you have Hashi's? That could account for it.

    Were both tests done at the same time of day? Did you fast before both of them?

    Not that it really matters, both of them say you need a dose increase. :)

  • Never been tested or diagnosed for/with hashi's. Hope this Dr Jaap will be the beginning of a positive journey

  • I hope so too, for you. :) Ask him to test antibodies - TPOab and TgAB.

  • Will do thank you

  • You're welcome. :)

  • Imho its because your body cant convert the levo t4 into the t3 that every cell needs to function and also works the pituarity feedback system

  • TSH apparently varies according to the time of day, time of year and whether you have eaten or not. It's not a good measure of thyroid health once you are medicated compared to Ft4 and Ft3. Still probably too high, though, unless you feel great.

  • Always have bloods taken first thing in morning and do fast and over 24 hours since last rose. Have app booked with Endo next Tuesday

  • My levo increased to 75 from 50 4 weeks ago results at that time tsh 0.5 range 0.5-5 FT4 10.2 range 10-22. Retest Monday tsh 3,6 FT4 13 range as before, either both go down or both go up :(. Increased to 100 starting today wait and see

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