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Thank you

Hi all,

i feel better today, having taken too much desiccated thyroid yesterday early morning. i also should mention, after looking at my journal, had missed a dose during the week and it threw me off. im getting back on track and i thank you all for being so kind. it means a lot. i didnt take any NDT last night, since i overmedicated in the morning, and took a grain this morning. foggy head much better than it was. but, definitely could have used the day off from work today to recover.

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Mistakes made are the way we learn not to do the same thing again. I'm glad you feel so much better now. It's just getting into a routine that you don't even need to think about taking the life-giving hormones as it becomes automatic.

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and we live and learn, what i take away from it is, i might not have the energy level i would like, i forgot how ill i was on levo only, but yesterday i had the old "levo" symptoms - foggy head, debillitating fatigue, and today, i have a clear head. i am greatful. Thank you God


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