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Help with my early morning cortisol test


I posted a message a couple of days ago about my problems, I had my Rheumy appointment this morning and he's picked up on a low early morning 8am cortisol blood test taken a month ago.

I have every symptom of low cortisol, feel like Ive been run over by a lorry! A said before, can barely walk, very weak, shaking, feeling sick, pale,completely confused, dont know whats going on.

The result was 171 nmo1/L

He is going to talk to the lab to see what he needs to do, as technically this is an Endo's job. However, the Endo department in Chichester dismissed me from his clinic...........not sure what do from here and how I approach this situation.

Any advice would be appreciated x

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Csavery, it will help members advise if you post the ref ranges for the cortisol result.

If the level is below range your Rheumy or GP should re-refer you to endocrinology.


Oh dear you must be feeling dreadful! Have you talked to your GP about this result? I'm dealing with my GP by phone now as going to the surgery wipes me out for days.

Perhaps you could ask them to check your cortisol levels again to make sure it wasn't a one-off result? That way it opens the door for dialogue with your GP about how rotten you feel.

With a morning cortisol level of 171 nmol/L (I'm assuming the range is >450 nmol/L) I would imagine that you'd need further monitoring.

Sending very gentle virtual hugs!


Hi LizzieMaybe

Thank you for your hug ;) There wasn't a reference range on the blood form, I telephoned the hospital to speak to the pathology secretary to find out what it is. How else would I be able to find this out?


You could phone the secretary and ask for the range (just so that you can try to undestans what the numbers mean). If you don't already have a print out of your result, you can request a copy, they may pop a copy in the post to you.

Whatever you do, I really do encourage you to talk to your GP and ask them their opinion and advice. If nothing else it will give them a chance to review your results with you.


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