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Hi everyone I'm new here and new to all this thyroid stuff, March this year a large lump came up at the front of my neck I went to the hospital as I am under the uclh in London for long term follow up of cancer as a child they sent me for an ultrasound scan which showed it was a large tumour, docs thought it might be cancer so had an aspiration done which has showed it isn't cancer but recommended I have it removed as its large an could cause me problems in the future, I am having the operation done to remove the right side of my thyroid gland in January, just wondering if anyone else has had the same thing or been through something similar and can maybe give me a little bit of advice I am 21 so quite young for this type of problem x also the left side has a small 7mm nodule which will be just kept an eye on x thanks

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  • Forgot to put that I may be put on tablets to replace the hormones lost, does anyone have any idea what that may be? An how they work x

  • The most likely tablets are levothyroxine (T4). This is what most of us are offered to begin with. Many do well on them. A small number get liothyronine (T3) if they do not do well on T4 alone. (This is hugely simplified!)

    I suggest that you start by having a look at the Thyroid UK site, perhaps this page:

    Then carry on reading. Get a basic understanding and you will find it much easier to ask questions and understand answers.

  • They must have decided to supplement Levothyroxine or possibly natural desiccated thyroid hormone if your blood test showed a high TSH or a low FT4 level. There is much more to your condition but often they just do the basics as it is cheaper and easier. You can certainly try to educate yourself as we have a lot of information for you. I like this particular one but there are many more.

  • Thank you for your reply, I have had thyroid tests done 2 or 3 times by different doctors they all came back fine an within normal range, All this with my thyroid before I even had the lump come up, started when I lost weight quickly I went from 8st to 6st 7lb in about 2months without dieting nothing at all docs saying this has nothing to do with my weight so am confused to why all this stuff has happened when they can't find nothing wrong other than the lump x also having fertility problems but when checked all my levels were fine just low egg count which I know was to be expected as I had chemo as a child x

  • You have been through a lot for a young person. First advice, don't put a huge amount of trust in any doctor. If you are looking at any of these videos or websites you'll see it is far more complicated than one pill can solve. A functional medicine doctor would carefully look at many hormones and vitamins to see the underlying reasons for your thyroid. You need to see all your test results. You are permitted to have a print of your tests and they should not charge you. If you can let us know what they are, we can advise. Often they do not care WHERE in the range you are but it is quite important.

    Your adrenals can be involved as well. They can dictate what your thyroid does by slowing the pituitary or raising it.

    Your body doesn't produce a lump for no reason. Your adrenals can also make progesterone but not if they are weak so you either can add progesterone or support your adrenals. This takes detective work. How is your cholesterol? If it is high, it's another symptom. This discusses nodules and cysts.

  • Hi mols, did they do any thyroid function tests as you have obvious signs of thyroid dysfunction. If it is attempting to produce more hormone, it can swell, produce nodules or goiters. Thyroid hormone affects all the other hormones as well. It certainly affects fertility.

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