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NDT and Time of the month?

Hi i have switched to NDT about 5 months ago. I have felt increasingly better both emotionally and physically :).....BUT i find my menstural cycle all over the place. I am 41, so thought maybe it could be the menopause!! Lol

I have SEVERE Pms.....irritable, sweating, and VERY Teary :(

Just wondering if it could be related to the NDT, as i was never so bad when taking Levo for 10 years??

Can anyone relate to this? xx

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Have you had your t3 & t4 tested? You might also want your estrogen, progesterone and testosterone tested. I am 44 and after finally being treated with NDT after years of suffering with Hashi's, I ended up having the same thing. My doctor said that my progesterone was low and to take progesterone on days 12-26 of my cycle and see if that helped, but first I made sure that my t3 free and t4 free were in the top of the range.

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Hi my latest bloods were ok, i have started taking a vitamin b complex and am starting on iron, as both of these were on the low side. my totm is 10 days late at the moment, definately NOT pregnant!!

I will be so happy when they finally arrive as hormones all over the place, i will try and see if doc will test me for the hormones you mentioned. Thanks for advice xxx


i guess it is due to NDT. It made my uterine myoma developed. NDT seem to increase estrogen which increase cortisol. I sweat a lot. and also affected my period. Too much estrogen make you depressed and give burn on liver and gall bladder to detoxify it. That is why women can have gallstone more than men according to what I read. I heard some man should take Testosterone after taking NDT and to increase dosage to the desired level.


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