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Adreno Lyph 80


Has anyone ever tried the adrenal supplement Adreno Lyph 80? I decided to try it as I have adrenal fatigue and can hardly function. I only took it for two days but on the second day (yesterday) I felt so hyper I didn't know what to do with myself. I spent the evening yesterday dancing round our living room which I've not done in years. I felt tired but couldn't stop. It was like the old film "The Red Shoes"! I then tossed and turned when I went to bed, but just could not sleep. Obviously I'm hanging this morning, but still feel like I can't sleep. Does anyone know whether I should cut the tablet in half, or a quarter, or just stop? It's a shame, as I haven't felt that good in years.

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Never heard of it but looks like you have your own solution. Take less.Experiment.


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