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I spoke to a nutritionist and she diagnosed adrenal fatigue as I do have chronic fatigue and all my signs point to it as it brings down the thyroid so she wants to address the adrenals 1st and then the thyroid. But I am not officially hypothyroid she just said my numbers suggest I'm heading down there.

Anyway she said to try adreno lyph plus but does anyone have experience with it ?

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  • No I have not used the product you mention. Do you have any thyroid results with ranges you could post ? - people will then be able to help you more. How did the Nutritionist diagnose your adrenal problem ?

  • Through my many symptoms. Also said I have blood sugar issues which i do and digestion issues. She made me fill out a questionnaire before hand


    Did you manage to find this post I did earlier today. Do hope it is helpful :-)

  • Thanks will check it out x

  • If you are a veggie - as your name suggests - how is your B12 looking ? Is it around a 1000 ? There are so many symptoms linked to poor B12 levels.

  • My b12 is not at 1000 was 675 6 months ago had it checked on Thursday so will see what it is now . But no I'm an ex vegan not in any way vegetarian now

  • If you have been supplementing then the results will be skewed :-)

  • Don't think I have had a b12 supplement for a while or a multivitamin

  • I've not tried it, no, I am not a fan of this sort of thing - a bit of adrenal gland, a bit of pituitary, not enough vit c to help a fruit fly, and magnesium oxide which you can't even absorb. And have you seen the price???? Just a great big con, as far as I'm concerned. Taking advantage of vulnerable people.

  • A fruit fly ! Ha ha :)

  • Yeah I don't have good vibes about it . I read a dr lam article saying if u have advanced adrenal issues then avoid it. Also she suggested metagest to help me with food absorption and fish oil too I bought those too

  • Yes, metagest is betain and pepsin. Will help you with digestion. Does she sell these supplements herself? I'm always wary of people who prescribe the supplements they sell...

  • Nope she said I can get off amazon which i did

  • That's ok then. lol

  • Lol. I emailed her back to say I don't want to take it but is there something else. She wants to work on my adrenals n digestion n blood sugar then try supporting the low thyroid I have but not yet adrenals 1st got to eat protein and fat with every meal and snack

  • She's right there! Adrenals first, then thyroid. Pity more doctors don't know that! And she's right about the fat and protein. Be interesting to know how you get along with her, because I've never had much faith in nutritionists. But she sounds good!

  • Yeah she does. I really had a great chat she totally understands and has given me a lot of hope now.

  • That's great! :) Keep us up-dated, won't you. Could give a lot of other people hope, too.

  • Will do

  • There are different theories about which comes first - thyroid or adrenal problems.

    I am with Dr John Lowe on this. When thyroid is low the adrenals have to work harder to keep the body functioning so he advises fixing the thyroid first.

    Your blood test results are unusual. Your free T3 is above mid-range which is good but your Free T4 is near the bottom of the range and your TSH is higher than would be expected for this free T3 level. There is genetic condition which would fit with these results. It requires very high T3 levels in the body to overcome thyroid hormone resistance and your body seems to be trying to achieve this. It is Impaired Sensitivity to Thyroid Hormone (more often known as Thyroid Hormone Resistance).

    If there are other family members with fibromyalgia, CFS, ME, Coeliac Disease, MS, Heart Disease, thyroid or depression this would further support this.

  • Really ? Wow never heard of that. My dad has heart disease and his side has alot of diabetes and cancer but I don't know If they have thyroid trouble but 1 cousin has ms

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