Dermal filler injections with an autoimmune thyroid disorder

Does anyone know if it's safe to have facial hyaluronic acid wrinkle filler injections like Juvederm or Restylane if one has an autoimmune thyroid disorder (Hashimoto's in my case)? If you had them done, could you please share your experience? Did your antibodies rise as a result or any negative effect on how you feel? Thanks

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  • Hyaluronic acide (HA) such as Juvederm facial filler injectables has nothing to do with stimulation of an auto-immune reaction. HA is found in great abundance in human body and is therefore not antigenic. In other words, it is not likely to cause an allergic or inflammatory reaction. Any chance at all would be due to cross-reactivity to the tiny amount of antigen in the bacteria from which it is prepared. I did mine at Med-Aesthetics Brampton. I was said so by my surgeon.

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