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Sun allergy

I am due to go on holiday 4 weeks tomorrow and whilst I am looking forward to it I am not looking forward to being in the sun as I suffer with Polymorphous Light Erruption... 😩 I am convinced this is linked to taking Levothyroxine as a result of being Hypothyroid as I never previously suffered with this!

I have to be prescribed with a steroid cream to treat it...

The last time I was away on holiday it was so bad... I could hardly get shoes on as my feet were so swollen!

I just wondered if anyone else suffered with this and what you do to treat it.

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could you not wear thin white clothing that covers your arms and legs


Sounds painful and uncomfortable. Are you. Able to take antihistamine and would / does it help. What about looking for clothing in those new fabrics you get that block sunlight - look in outdoor shops. Get yourself a wide brimmed hat too.

At least if you had something that blocks the sun for when you have to be outside you could wear regular clothes the rest of the time. It's tough but you might have to try and stay out of the sun as much as you can. Have you googled your condition to see what other people who have it have to say?


I don't know if this helps but I have just been away with my 26 year old daughter she has lupus and consultant actually told her not to go away because the sun causing flares my beutifull daughter was diagnosed at 12 and steadfastly refuses to let it rule her life going away with her is quite scary for the rest of us because we are just anxious all the time this holiday she did blow up like a puffy a fish and it broke my heart when talking to another holiday maker who said oh your daughters the big girl she copes by taking clothes in 2 sizes and long dresses to cover her swelling legs she also takes flat sandles 1 size bigger than her normal size as for the sun which she is very sensitive too she uses p20 1 a day factor 50 and a total sunblock on her face she puts it on and then stays in the room for at least 30 mins to let it really bind to her skin then every 2 hours she tops up with a factor 50 children's cream all topped of with a tropical insect spray even during day as she can have a very big reaction to bites she says she always looks and smells like a big fat slug luckily she has a wonderful fiancé who. Loves her how she is her size can fluctuated from size 10 to 16 in matter of weeks

Despite all these precautions she was in so much pain with the swelling she was in tears unusual for her the only thing I had to give her was ibuprofen but what surprised us was if it was taken every 4 hours it stopped her swelling as much not sure if it was a coincidence as she rarely takes it at home because she sees no point as it rarely helps with her pain I not saying it stopped all swelling but there was a a improvement from beginning of week

Might be worth a try as she said if you had flu you would happly take this for a week

Have a great time


My husband has a severe sun allergy; chronic actinic dermatitis. We have uv filters on all our windows at home and he's pretty much housebound.

From experience, we've discovered that he's worse when most vitamin D deficient and less sensitive when he remembers his supplements!

The best option is to cover up. The darker the material the more UV it blocks and always wear a wider brimmed or legionnaire style hat. Alternatively you can purchase an umbrella with high spf for a reasonable price (note that silvered material on the inside is not advisable as it will concentrate the reflection of the sun's rays directly onto the user).

Don't let it ruin your holiday, If your skin can tolerate sun block, you can protect yourself. Also don't forget to pack plenty of antihistamines.


My son has suffered with this since childhood. A doctor recommended that he begin to take antihistamines two weeks before the holiday and continue for a week after returning home. Use high factor, but non greasy sun lotions, cover up where possible and to have tepid baths and showers twice a day whilst on holiday.

It has seemed to work.


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