Surely this is not right? I'm pregnant

What a nightmare.

Went to my 20w midwife appt this morning started discussing my blood results (pick up print outs later) with the consultant. My b12 was 212(200-900) and I told her my doc would do injections if I got an OK from a midwife. She said NO! The ranges are there for a reason. They only treat when b12 is 100 and wouldn't advise? Really? Surely this is way too low? Now my doc probably won't do them for me! Also my vitD is very low (get results later) so I'm supplementing. Now I'm no longer under consultant because my thyroid and everything is "fine" apparently. so am just being treated as a normal patient. I'll post my results later when I get them but just had to post and see this can't be right surely?

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  • I don't understand fully all blood test results, but if you are in range, although at lower not mid range, you are in range!

    I am retired, so not pregnant but I have Hashimotos and other conditions and my doctor said NO to self supplementing with extra vits! I am prescribed with a monthly slow release D3 liquid Vit phial that I open into some water and then drink. it is possible through a proper diet to get the necessary vits and minerals you and baby need.

    don't forget they have to think of the effects on baby as well as you! you may be worrying unnecessarily at the moment. I'm sure you'll soon get some answers from admin and others.

  • SAMBS, perhaps you Don't understand how the ranges are arrived at. They take the blood of people who go to get their blood tested BECAUSE they are unwell. Who is to say that they have enough B12 - or anything else - in their blood. They are sick people. Just because such and such a figure is the bottom of the range, doesn't mean that it is healthy. Which is why we have go go by experience - ours and other peoples. Ranges are a joke, really.

    Your doctor said no to vitamin supplementation because he knows absolutely nothing about it - they didn't do it in med school. There have been pétitions going around asking for doctors to learn more about nutrition in med school because some of the advice they are handing out is down-right dangerous.

    As for the idea that you can get all the nutrients you need from a 'proper' diet, well, for a start you can't get enough magnesium, because the soil is depleted. Same goes for other nutrients. It's a myth that these days we can get all we need from food. Plus the fact that muffin is hypo. She probably has low stomach acid, and all the other absorption problems that we hypos suffer from.

    Of course they have to think about the effects on the baby, but the problem is that they Don't have the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision. Muffin is Wise to seek information elsewhere. :)


    Found the above article about VitD and babies :-) You do need to have good levels. Regarding your B12 I am stunned. I believe it is well documented that Low B12 in pregnancy is not good for the baby - so push for loading injections and then supplement.

    I am not a medical person - but have read lots and am also on the PAS forum which Louise suggested to you. Lots of very knowledgeable people there. Guidelines below for treatment of B12 and Folate deficiency.... rarely seen by GP's or nurses it would seem.

    Wishing you well with your pregnancy - exciting times....

    On Page 13 of the above link there is a piece about pregnancy - saying that B12 is often lowered at that time. Also suggests injections if low - so do show your Doc.

  • a very interesting read Marz, I'm now going to check my 1st bone marrow test result from 1st Haemo I saw in 2012 and also blood tests taken last year in Hospital when I saw the 2nd Haemo. I had a 2nd Bone Marrow test, but was never given result of that. I'll need to study the link above again though, as just skimmed through it and saved to bookmarks.

    They don't do things the same here doesn't matter which area you live in, they follow their own rules. I saw absolutely everything from 1st and now since move in 2014 have to ask for copies when not sent them? I only get blood test results here.

  • Thank you for all your comments and links. The midwife I saw today was actually a consultant so when she started saying this stuff I was gobsmacked because I had read all this stuff about b12d and pregnancy. I'm hoping if I go to the docs armed with info they will take me seriously.

    My b12 has been low from before I was preg and I tried self medicating with pills and sprays. Didn't make much of a difference so I stopped. I don't think i absorb properly so I think my only option is injections

  • Wise words from Marz and GreyGoose. SAMBS I can only add that generally speaking lab ranges are so wide how could they possibly suit everyone? One person may operate quite happily (or may not realise they could feel better) at the lower end of the range while someone else may be feeling quite ill. I would definitely want (and made sure I got) my B12 and vit D up towards the top of the range.

    I have to add I am NOT a medical professional and my comments are based on my own opinions and experiences.

  • How on earth can she say "The ranges are there for a reason" and then go on to say "They only treat when b12 is 100" ?!

    Can you take your partner with you when you go to the GP? If you point out to your GP that you are not in range then surely they should, regardless to what the midwife says, prescribe Vit B12?

  • I am not pregnant but my doctor said b12 ranges are outdated and ridiculous. He said that a doctor should think about symptoms and/or other things.

    Don't give up. You are pregnant and b12 is important.

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