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Put to much weight on how to get it off

Hi everyone

I did not no I had underactive thyroid for a long time I put too much weight on and everyone in my in laws spoke about me I become so disperses so I went to the Drs and yes blood test showed I had und act thyroid I went to weight watches and went from 20st to 14 st but now I eel it is creeping back a little how can I keep that weight off from Fatima

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Hi Fatima,

It's possible you are not yet properly medicated for your condition. Please provide more information so that members can offer suggestions.

What were your most recent thyroid test results? Give the lab ranges as well as the result please.

What medication and what dose are you currently on and how long have you been on this dose?

Reply and search bar - loads of really well researched health articles and info - wishing you well - good luck :-)


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