Bad tinnitus, bad day?

I'm still a relative newbie here but I have noticed that when my tinnitus is particularly bad at night (especially when it is accompanied by what I can only describe as a really loud clunk noise when tensing jaw) that I am in for a bad day - muscle pains and mega fatigue (need my bed and sleep for England), it's not that it keeps me awake at night or disturbs my sleep so it's not a simple cause and effect. Does anyone else find there is a correlation, and does anyone know why? Also is this possibly more to do with Adrenal Fatigue than the Hypo/Hashis? Has anyone actually had their tinnitus completely go away? I live in hope...

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This link may be helpfu and this is an excerptl:

We hear from many of the people with tinnitus who suffer from a thyroid dysfunction. Tinnitus will usually reduce or resolve once the underlying problem is addressed.

Thank you Shaws, yes I found that and some other info after posting, it doesn't sound like folks know too much about really does it?

Hi liverish,

It may be too soon to say for sure but I've been taken magnesium (which was kindly recommended by a member) and it seems to be helping with the tinnitus. Over the last couple of nights I've not been hearing my pulse quite as much, but as I type here in this quiet room (no TV on) I can still hear the white noise sound.

Think you could be right about the connection.

MJ x

Present day Doctors are ignorant about many of the approx 300 clinical symptoms that can appear before people are finally diagnosed. Even the most common symptoms.

Tinnitus has also been associated with anaemia and so my guess is might also link with low iron stores, ie serum ferritin, what is yours?

Also it has been associated with low B12.

And those two are associated with absorbtion gut issues, which are associated with hypothyroidism.

But very very hard to improve.

Thanks Aspmama, my ferritin was 'in range' but I think I will supplement, I already take B12 and off gluten and take l-glutamine to try and deal with potential gut issues (and probiotics, and a peptide the gets rid of H pylori apparently) but that's more leaky gut rather than absorption I guess.

Mine goes away when I am on enough Levothyroxine. However there are occasional people who find Levothyroxine makes their tinnitus worse. It sounds as though you are running short of thyroid hormones some days - does the tinnitus start when you have had a couple of busy/energetic days? Being active uses up thyroid hormone.

Have you had your thyroid antibodies tested? People with autoimmune antibodies can find their thyroid hormones fluctuate quite a bit.

Unfortunately eeng, the tinnitus is constant, but it gets louder on occasions, I'm now wondering if it in fact heralds a Hashi flare - I've just put up another post related to the events yesterday under the heading 'Not under medicated?' which explains it :)

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