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Dealing with tinnitus

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My tinnitus is driving me nuts at night. During the day I can mainly block it out, but trying to sleep is another matter. It's like an alarm going off with about 4 different tones simultaneously, and I find it difficult to sleep.

Does anyone have any hints on how to cope with the wretched noise, please.

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Hi 66olivesYou can buy a tinnitus masker to put under your pillow at night. They can be helpful to distract your brain from the noise. It might also be worth getting a referral to your local sensory services deaf/hard of hearing services. They might have equipment they can give you or advise on the most effective.

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66olives in reply to BiscuitBaby

Thanks I'll look into it.

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There is a dedicated tinnitus community where you might find some helpful hints:


And then there's this. I don't think Novocain patches are available in the UK, but you can get them on

novocain patches for tinnitus

If I'm not on the right dose my tinnitus got worse and I need to raise it a bit and the noise is going on.

Thanks. That may explain why it's getting worse. Time for blood tests. Shame GP won't agree.

Try taking B-complex it definitely helps with Tintinitus.

I normally take them just had weeks off in prep for blood tests.

White noice! I also suffer from tinnitus and can now sleep well.

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