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I know that so many of you suffer from this, so I hope it will be helpful.

It does briefly mention thyroid. However, it states that once the condition is adequately treated, the the tinnitus problem is resolved. Unfortunately, I have not found this to be the case. Has anyone else found that adequate treatment cured their tinnitus?

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  • Thanks for posting i saw the gp in january for mild tinnitus ,but now over the last 6 mths i have it almost continuous.they have raised my levo but no joy ,i have got a appointment in 2wks with Gp so go from there. My b12 is low so i will mentoin that that could be the cause .

    The worse thing about this is last year i was so fed up i was going to go it alone ,but i was made promises so thought ok i would give them another chance.

    More fool me .

  • Something they Don't mention there, but I've read elsewhere that low magnesium could be the culprit. But no point in testing that, the tests Don't tell us much. You could just try taking some.

    You'll just have to remind them of their promises, and next time, get them in writing! :)

  • I've been taking magnesium for over a year but hasn't helped

  • Well, if it hasn't helped, that means that your tinnitus wasn't caused by magnesium deficiency. :)

  • Thank for your reply.

  • I too have tinitus and although feeling pretty good generally since self medicating t3 I still have tinitus constantly . I have spoken with my doctor when it first started but he said I just had to live with it , some days are better than others . Sorry I can't help

  • Sorry, who was this reponse meant for?

  • Was for you , magnesium is for cramp but thought I'd mention it in conjunction with tinitus as not helped with it but great for cramp

  • Well, thank you, lola, but I wasn't actually asking for help, I just posted a link to an interesting article because it's a question that crops up here often. :)

    Magnesium isn't just for cramp. It's also for bones and hearing and hearts, and all sorts of other things. It's a very important mineral but in very short supply when it comes to food because soils are depleted. I'm glad it helped with your cramp, though.

  • Sorry but I thought question was whether adequate treatment helped tinitus . .my mistake and apologies once again

  • No need to apologise. :) I just thought I'd missed something.

    No, I know that adequate treatment doesn't help tinnitus! Well, that's my experience, anyway. Raising levels of nutrients has helped slightly, and now my tinnitus varies in intensity to the point that I forget it most of the time, but the thyroid hormone replacement didn't help at all on its own.

    I'm toying with the idea of trying the Arches Tinnitus Formula he mentions. I already take zinc, and I know that helps with a lot of things - muscle pain and stuff. But I've never tried Ginkgo biloba, although it has been recommended to me. Tossing up whether it's better to buy the ready-made mix, or get the ingrédients seperately...

  • Am tempted to swear at the suggestion that adequate thyroid hormone resolves tinnitus!!!!

    I have had tinnitus since I was around 8. That is a long time. It has progressively worsened - but particularly as thyroid affected me. Changes in dosage appear to make little to no difference. Maybe mine has nothing to do with thyroid?

    Occasionally I get a few hours where it seems much less significant. Sometimes it feels as if it is driving me mad.

  • Yes, I know what you mean. But trying to find out what's causing it is difficult, isn't it. When I went to see an ENT, he really wasn't interested, and just said it was because I was old and my ears were worn out!!! I nealy clocked the Young whipersnapper one! ;)

  • Very difficult. My GP did refer me to ENT, who ran an MRI to check for anything nasty happening and did a hearing test.

    And that was it.

    I find that continual speech (such as Radio 4 often provides) at a suitably low volume seems to help me - though maybe it simply makes it easier to ignore it?

    Was impressed at the extent to which your link recognised the association with thyroid problems.

  • Yes, thyroid usually gets totally ignored. Pity he didn't get it quite right!

  • Not sure if this will help anyone, but my tinnitus lessened gradually and then disappeared after several months of being gluten free, it was an amazing unexpected bonus for me. The main aim of trying gluten free was to eliminate nasty three day headaches which it has done as well, sadly though, hasn't cured joint pains. I have Hashi's and take T3 only as T4 made me feel very ill.

  • Hi lyndham1958, I too am gluten free and suffered very bad joint pains and found they went literally in 48 hours when I started taking Vit D with K2 and Magnesium (all in liquid form) I also am T3 only ;-)

  • My tinnitus has lessened slightly on T3 but comes back with a vengeance when I'm due my next dose (along with neck ache) I take magnesium and am gluten free - also have PA and had written the tinnitus off as permanent nerve damage - it's bleeping annoying! I have recently been taking Ginko Biloba and hadn't noticed any difference ... thanks for the link Grey Goose - 😎

  • You're welcome, Lisa. Hope you find a solution one day. :)

  • Oh my gosh, sorry, I don't want to hijack this thread about tinnitus, but if I could just add that after a while on gluten free food, while I did feel so much better without the headaches, I did notice that the day after washing my hair (lucky me I only have to do that twice a week) I felt quite groggy and not so well. I did quite a bit of research and long story short, sourced some gluten free shampoo, conditioner, body and face moisturiser and lip balm. It made a difference all right, so now I stick to gluten free everything. If you washed your hair everyday this would not show up so easily so I guess it was just sheer luck for me.

    Thank you Lisasones, I shall increase my Vit D with K2 and buy some more liquid magnesium.

  • I had no idea there was gluten in shampoo! Why on earth would there be gluten in shampoo?

  • I know, it's amazing, the stuff is Everywhere! It doesn't say gluten in the lists of ingredients and it comes under many guises, the best way to be sure is to source products that actually say gluten free. There is quite a lot to be said on the internet about this subject, but it seems that people with auto immune problems (Hashi's) are very susceptible to gluten sensitivity in a different way to people with coeliac, it would be unlikely that a coeliac would be bothered by gluten absorbed via the skin.

  • Well, some people who have Hashi's, not all of them. Gluten doesn't appear to be much of a problem for me. But I Don't know much about it being absorbed by the skin... That's a new one on me.

  • My tinnitus isn't too bad, and I have never noticed any difference no matter what amount of medication I am on. I also have a hearing problem (my audiologist has blamed Hashimoto's, my endocrinologist thinks nothing is affected by Hashimoto's ... )

  • Well, I Don't know about Hashi's, but certainly hearing loss is a symptom of low thyroid. But you're Lucky to have an audiologist that's even heard of Hashi's! lol

  • All my non-endocrinology doctors seem to know about how the thyroid functions and auto-immune issues, it's only the endocrinologist who seems not to. I have suggested many times to the other doctors that they might like to change specialities.

  • Well, that's not my experience. If I mention Hashi's to any type of doctor, I get the response 'What's that?' lol

    I went to see a chiropractor a couple of years ago, and I nearly fell off my chair when he said he knew what Hashi's was! And he knew what Armour was, and LDN! Unfortunately, he can't write prescriptions here. :(

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