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Brain Fog - Is this it ?

I have heard many times Hypothyroid suffering from Brain Fog. I have been facing some issues with my memory, concentration over the last many months now.

Previously, a very sharp individual, I feel, I am now no longer able to process what someone is saying, in my mind. When I am talking to someone, it feels as if the words coming from the other person just bounce off my forehead and do not reach the brain to make any meaningful thought. I feel terrible. I may be looking at increasing my medication but is it that I am going through some irreversible damage all the while ?

I posted a lot of data in another thread, if one was curious.

Hairfall, Arms Pain, Hip pa etc are just a few of the very visible symptoms, anyhow..

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Oh yeah - that's brain fog :(

I always used to liken it to someone removing my brain and replacing it with cotton wool. Nothing seems to sink in and there are days when trying to pull a coherent sentence out of there is impossible. In my case I'm pleased to report that B12 helped me as my levels were below optimal.


Brain fog - exactly that, you would recognise it just from that description - trying to think amongst cotton wool.

But there are other problems from hypothyroidism which are separate from it - eg, low working memory, the inability to hold facts in your head and manipulate them, ie, can't do mental arithmetic any more. I am v conscious of that.

And also a problem associated with hypoT with declarative memory, I'm just about to look that up (!) but I would guess that's what others call "senior moments" when you lose the thread of speech.

These are separate from brain fog.

Just an awful lot going wrong!


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