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Drs yesterday

she was fine that i stopped the mirtazapine

was really pleased that im only taking diazepam as and when needed (2.5mg) and even more please that i still have some left and has agreed to give me 2mg ones when i run out

ive allso asked for T4 to be added to T3 i suggested 75mcg T4 and 20mcg T3 and possibly cut to 10mcg of T3, she wasnt sure so spoke to reg dr and will call me this morning to discuss

allso changing my beta blocker to one more suitable

she commented on how much better i looked than i did 2 weeks ago

edied to add

they wont prescribe T4 until they speak to endo

ill admit now for a week ive been taking T3 and T4 and feeling much better

told dr that but she wont give me T4 and im running out

i was feeling quite happy and now im just BLAH

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Mandy, buy some Levothyroxine before you run out. Most of the sites which supply T3 will supply T4. PM me if you need sources.


ive managed to get a few 100mcg to see me over but im hoping to hear from dr soon as she faxed endo today


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